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E-commerce Order Fulfillment

The StrongPoint E-Commerce order fulfillment Suite is the only proper end-to-end fulfillment solution designed for grocery retailers. It helps manage and deliver online orders, maximising picking efficiency and enabling a range of last-mile options. StrongPoint’s e-commerce fulfillment solutions are trusted by leading grocery retailers in Europe and North America. Our 35+ years experience in grocery retail technology means we understand your challenges, and can help you find the right solutions.

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Hyper efficient

Streamline your e-commerce operations with a solution that includes both picking and last mile options, seamlessly connected.

Super flexible

New last mile solutions from StrongPoint can easily be added to your system without setting up new integrations. Easy to set up and easy to scale.

Completely unique

StrongPoint delivers both automated and manual picking, as well as a home delivery solution and a range of both click & collect solutions. We are the only company focusing on the entire process from the customer sends in the order, until it’s in their hands.

Our e-commerce solutions are already being used by leading grocery retailers

Number 1

In the world when it comes to grocery locker installations.

The fastest

Manual picking solution in the world, as proven by our customers picking 2-300 items per hour.

What our customers say

Our customers are achieving incredible results using our e-commerce solutions. Time saved, money saved, easier routines, less interruptions, improved customer experience. The list goes on. Here are some key results from a selection of our case studies.

Niklas Zeitlin
StrongPoint has a complete solution for the delivery of e-commerce orders that we see as attractive, and delivery options that are set together in a good way with the functionality we want. The collaboration with StrongPoint has worked well Niklas Zeitlin, Head of Online Operations at Coop Sverige

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