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Checkout Refurbishment

Prolong the life of your checkout furniture, and save money and the environment in the process!


Refurbishing with local materials and processes significantly reduces environmental impact compared to purchasing new checkouts, often sourced from distant regions. This approach also greatly decreases the amount of raw materials needed for manufacturing.

Save 50% of the cost

StrongPoint refurbishment typically costs less than 50% compared to buying a new checkout. Why pay more?

The customer experience

The process of refurbishing also gives the opportunity to update design, branding and any other element that influence the customer experience.


Checkouts can be refurbished in our workshop, or even on-site. There are multiple options, including a full strip-down and re-spray or using an “architectural wrap” which allows for wood effect finishes.

How does it work?

Re-use what you have and contribute to the circular economy.

Pick-up and storage

We will pick up your checkout furniture and transport them back to our workshop where we can store and prepare them for refurbishment. Alternatively we can do the refurbishment on-site.

Embedded video

The refurbishment process

Depending on your wishes, StrongPoint can completely redo the checkout or just improve on all visuals. We treat every part of the checkout to ensure you get a furniture you are proud to present in your store.

Before refurbishment

Here you can see an example of a checkout before refurbishment.

After refurbishment

Here you can see the same checkout fully refurbished and ready to be installed back in the store.

Leading grocery retailers are already using StrongPoint for Checkout Refurbishment

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