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Autonomous Mobile Robots

In partnership with Coalescent Mobile Robotics, StrongPoint offers Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) which can maximize your store’s potential by increasing efficiency and productivity as they move goods within your store. They’re the perfect solution for businesses seeking to streamline operations, improve the customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition. The cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and non-threatening behavior make them a valuable asset in any retail environment.  


Robots transport wheeled
trolleys that can be used as needed, from replenishment to in-store picking.

Plug & Play

Seamless integration requires little to no modification of store infrastructure.

Retail friendly 

Designed specifically for the retail industry, our robot is strong, human-friendly, and interactive.


Product mapping documents the store layout, along with pick-up and drop-off locations.

Clear savings across millions of click & collect orders 

Achieve optimal efficiency with a fleet of robots that transport prepared trolleys of picked orders to designated areas or back to storage. The advantages are clear and offer a stellar ROI. 

Fast enough to work, slow enough to do it safely

The Coalescent Mobile Robotics’ robots operate at a maximum speed of 1,5 meter per second. They have been successfully tested and deployed in real world conditions alongside shoppers in-store, demonstrating reliability, safety and efficiency.

Quick charging for minimum interruption

The robots can run for up to 3 hours on 1 charge, and only needs 15 minutes to be fully charged again.

Stronger robots than you’d think

A single autonomous mobile robot from Coalescent Mobile Robotics can carry/move up to 250 kg.

Small and practical

Designed to roll under trolleys, the robots are only 31 cm tall, and 56 cm long. Making it easy for the robot to navigate in stores with customers present without being in the way.

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What to use AMRs for

Which store operations can be improved using AMRs? Generally, the mobile robots transport wheeled trolleys that can be adapted to the stores’ needs.


By automating the transportation of trolleys from pallets or cages, your staff can save time and energy on the restocking process.

Garbage disposal

An unpopular task, but a very important one. A huge part of this can be done by the autonomous mobile robots through automating the garbage collection process.

Order fulfilment

When fulfilling online orders, you can automate the transportation of trolleys/products to the picker. Saving them time and energy.

Other needs

Every store is different, and so are their needs. One could use the AMRs to transport cleaning supplies, exhibit special products and lots more!

Customer quote

“After a long discussion on how to utilize the robots with Clio, we came up with the idea on working with the Bilka2Go process as we believed there was an urgent need there. It’s been a great collaboration so far, we are able to influence the development of the mobile robots.” 

Thomas Greve, Group Director IT at Salling Group

Easy IT integration

  • Plug & Play Solution 
  • Intuitive and easy to use App 
  • Dashboard for health monitoring and workflow statistics 
  • API for easy integration 
  • Adaptable task scheduling infrastructure 

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