Partner up with us – it´s good business

Our proprietary solutions within E-commerce Logistics & Click & Collect, Checkout Efficiency, Tobacco Sales Automation and Cash Management are market leading in our home markets.

We are currently looking for the right partners to take them to their markets. If you believe this could be you – get in touch with us now.

Partner up with us – it´s good business

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    • Retail is changing – new solutions are necessary to stay competitive
    • How a partnership will give you recurring revenue
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Competitive Solution Portfolio

Enhance your portfolio with StrongPoint’s innovative solutions.

Recurring Customer Revenue

Selling a StrongPoint solution is much more than hardware sales. As a partner, you open a recurring revenue stream from licenses and service agreements.

Sales & Marketing Support

We’ll teach you the best techniques for how to sell and market our solutions.

Technical Training and Support

We will provide you with all the technical support you, and your customers, need.

Clive Strover - CEO Bullion IT

"Our maintenance revenue now pays for the business monthly. We make a great profit from CashGuard so we now been able to expand to other products."

Paul Yap Ban Foo - Managing Director

“We will be able to capitalise on Strongpoint’s core expertise of hardware products for the retail industry and cross-sell its in-house retail technology solution portals. This will enable us to gain a bigger market share in the region going forward”

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