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Making the day-to-day simpler, faster and more fun is key to improving overall productivity and employee satisfaction. StrongPoint’s solutions help do just that with smart electronic shelf labels, scales and wrapping systems, voice communication systems and even a futuristic humanoid robot.

Faster task completion

Our range of solutions allows your store staff to finish many of their store tasks faster. Increase the speed of changing price labels, picking online orders, weighing, packing and more!


The world has made incredible progress in technology over the recent years, and retail technology is no different. StrongPoint’s solutions help you digitalize your store operations and keep up with the times.

Customer experience

Customers are also greatly benefitting from more modern shopfloor solutions, as they can use the solutions with ease and get better and more accurate information.

Simplify repetitive tasks

With StrongPoint’s shopfloor solutions many tasks are made a lot simpler for your staff, resulting in a happier and more efficient workforce.

Our Shopfloor solutions are being used by leading retailers

The need to digitalize, simplify and save time is there for all leading retailers. Here are some that are using StrongPoint’s shopfloor solutions such as electronic shelf labels and weights and scales.

What our customers say

Our customers love the shopfloor solutions and are saving time while having happier customers and staff. Take a look at some key quotes from our case studies here.

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