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Voice Communication Systems

Your in-store communication tools need to be long lasting, well made and fully integrated to better achieve the goals of your business. VoCoVo solutions deliver instant crystal-clear communication to teams.

Increase sales

Clients using our VoCoVo voice communication system enjoy a rapid return on investment thanks to improved communication. A significant UK supermarket using VoCoVo reported £2.5 million in savings by reducing the average colleague annual footsteps by 142km and reducing walk time by 6.2%.

Improve the customer experience

Empower colleagues to assist customers quickly and efficiently. The voice communication system allows instant response to enquiries over the phone, at the checkout, collection point and you can check stock remotely.

Reduce shrink and costs

Optimise staffing levels and spend on replacement parts, and reduce theft and checkout queues.

Staff feels safer

Staff using the VoCoVo voice communcation system have reported to feel 54% safer while working.

Immediate response to customer enquiries

VoCoVo is a store, warehouse and head office communications solution connecting all of your teams and stores wherever they may be. It helps store staff with such tasks as managing stock levels, monitoring freezer temperatures, communicating to the colleagues on the shop floor and answering customer enquiries. This results in improved customer service, higher store productivity and increased sales.

Customers often need help finding products or making a decision. But if they can’t get that help quickly, there’s a good chance they’ll leave without buying. With VoCoVo, staff can respond via the call button. Alternatively, they can let the customer know that they are on their way. Customer service buttons can be placed around stores, within fitting rooms, at delivery points, or at click and collect desks.

Variety of VoCoVo tools allow communication to take place within seconds. Staff can communicate via headphones, customers can use call points to ask staff a question and staff paging systems allow communication to happen at one press of a button. The lightweight, robust headsets instantly connect teams across different aisles, floors, and even buildings. The staff is no longer tied to an office and don’t need to juggle multiple devices such as walkie talkies and phones. The headphones allow to put the customer on hold or transfer the call to specialist colleagues or make outgoing calls directly from the shop floor.

The Business Intelligence Portal

VoCoVo communication systems integrate seamlessly with your existing telephony system. The integration with other VoCoVo products, such as CallPoints and KeyPads, allows staff to hear and respond to messages such as ‘customer assistance required in click and collect’ or ‘pricing enquiry at checkout six’.

The Business Intelligence Portal collects data from your VoCoVo systems and generates reports based on key metrics, allowing you to identify improvements within stores that will ultimately deliver the best ROI. Now, not only can you offer your staff a more efficient way to find one another, but you can optimise staffing levels and make customer service a measure of store performance using VoCoVo’s unique Business Intelligence Portal.

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