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Redefine efficiency at the checkout counter. Say goodbye to scanning errors, numerous staff interventions, and theft concerns with our comprehensive self-checkout system. Our solution tackles these challenges directly, offering intuitive interfaces, robust error detection systems, and enhanced security features to streamline operations and improve the overall shopping experience. Discover how our solution can transform your store.

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StrongPoint’s self-checkout solution is designed for high efficiency and speed. It minimizes queues and ensures swift service to customers, boasting the fastest average item scanning speed on the market.


Safety is a paramount concern in self-checkout, encompassing both smooth operations and theft prevention. Our solution is equipped with machine learning capabilities, theft prevention features, and intelligent AI-powered functions.


Through a unique modular approach, our solution reduces the Total Cost of Ownership by 30-40% and increases uptime by up to 14 years.

Streamlined Self-Checkout Experience

Offering a seamless blend of convenience, speed, and sustainability, our self-checkouts revolutionize the shopping experience. By automating the checkout process, we prioritize efficiency, enabling your staff to allocate their time productively while enhancing customer satisfaction. Explore the key features of our next-level self-checkout solution.

Seamless user experience

StrongPoint’s Self-Checkout stands out with its highly intuitive screen menu design. All steps are crystal clear, even for first-time users. The system is built to minimize the need for customer clicks.

Talks by light

Yes, you’ve read it right. Our Self-Checkout communicates through light. The unique lighting system is designed to expedite staff interventions. Lights located on top and on the sides of the self-checkout indicate if assistance is needed. Based on the light combination and color, the attendant can discern priorities for intervention or identify who has been waiting the longest. Meanwhile, customers can continue scanning the rest of their items. Furthermore, it boasts a super-quick approval process, as most issues are resolved remotely via the attendant app.

Modularity = Infinitely Replaceable Parts

Our Self-Checkout is 100% modular, offering unparalleled flexibility as almost all its components can be modified to meet the retailer’s specific requirements. Upgrades to the self-checkout, such as changing bag size, screen, adding cash payment, or incorporating AI functions, can be implemented at any time to adapt to evolving needs, without the necessity of purchasing a new unit. This sustainable approach enables continuous upgrading of self-checkouts while also reducing waste.

Fewer interventions

StrongPoint’s Self-Checkout employs a machine learning intelligent system that learns weight deviations and item ranges, significantly reducing the need for interventions. Possible item substitutes or other issues are alerted to the attendant without interfering with the customer.

The power of AI

AI is revolutionizing the retail landscape, empowering and expanding the concept of self-service while opening new horizons of possibilities and functions. With our AI-powered Self-Checkout, shopping has become more seamless and convenient than ever before for both customers and store staff.

AI-Powered Anti-Theft

The AI-powered camera on our Self-Checkout recognizes potential fraud attempts, alerting attendants to any suspicious activity. This helps to prevent theft attempts and user errors, ensuring security.

AI-Powered Age Check

Age checks account for up to half of all interventions. They distract attendants during busy periods, slow down the entire checkout process, and frustrate customers. Why waste time when AI can work for you? Our Self-Checkouts can incorporate AI functionality to automatically verify age.

AI-Powered Hyper Speed

You can assign one more task for AI to handle on StrongPoint Self-Checkouts. Instead of customers scrolling through the menu for loose items for ages, it can be automated. Our solution can include product recognition, where the system detects the type of item placed in the scanning zone.

Self-Checkout synergy with in-store collection point solution Vensafe

Integration with Vensafe enables a responsible and secure method of dispensing tobacco and other theft-prone items via self-checkouts.

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Any size and shape

Our hardware solutions are available in various shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of your stores. Whatever your requirements may be, we have the right fit.

Big version with room for 2 bags

This is the perfect version for large checkout areas with space for 2 grocery bags in the packing spot. We would recommend this version for basket sizes of 50+ items.

Medium version with room for 1 bag

The most common version with space for 1 bag at a time in the packing spot. Fits perfectly for most stores and most checkout areas.


Perfect for convenience stores or small checkout areas. Having only what you need and still allowing for fast and safe checkout.

Express – Table Top

Modularity at its finest. By utilizing a universal base across all Express models, these systems offer versatility and adaptability for various environments. The Table Top model is a compact solution that seamlessly integrates into any store setting, extending its applicability across multiple sectors.

Express – Table Top with Checkout and Security Scales

A compact modular solution with scales for weighing items, perfect for convenience stores.

Express – Pedestal

Standalone Pedestal self-checkouts for retail, hospitality, healthcare, and any setting where self-service POS or check-in capabilities are required.

Just need the software?

StrongPoint’s self-checkout software is purpose-built for grocery retailers for the fastest possible customer checkout experience possible.

Consultation for optimal utilization

Purchasing a self-checkout solution involves more than just acquiring a machine. It’s about enhancing the flow and customer experience within your stores. With extensive experience in-store checkout, we can assist in mapping out the optimal setup for each individual store, setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for the project, and streamlining the entire process.

Some of our happy customers

With longstanding ties to numerous grocery retailers, here are some currently utilizing our self-checkout solution.

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