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Shelfie pro – Robbie the in-store Robot

Robbie the Robot – otherwise known as ‘Shelfie Pro’ – is developed by DeDuCo International NV, with StrongPoint serving as the strategic development partner and exclusive dealer in the Nordic market. Robbie can serve both as a customer host and as a store assistant. He can assist in showing the way and simplifying store operations, which is appreciated by both customers, adults, and children, as well as store staff. 


Robbie can show the location of products via a store map or act as a guide, escorting customers all the way to the shelf if desired. 

Product monitoring

Robbie automatically scans products and promotional zones using AI, detecting out-of-stocks and alerting responsible parties. He ensures planogram compliance, including facings and shelf position, while also providing insights into share of shelf per product category, numeric distribution, and share of voice by product category. 


Robbie helps establish realograms and can compare these with the store’s drawn planogram. He can also identify “holes in the shelf” and recommend appropriate measures. 

Advertising pillar

Robbie not only functions as a mobile digital signage unit with a rotating HD screen for displaying commercials, offering a fun way to interact with customers, but also features a moving display with promotions and information for customers. Additionally, Robbie boasts a unique 360° LED screen with visibility from every angle and an integrated LED message board. 

Robbie the Robot in stores

The robot can be customized, including its jacket and digital screens, which can be used to promote specific products or brand the store. Promotions can be timed for specific periods during the day and change accordingly. 

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