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ShopFlow Logistics

ShopFlow Logistics (SFL) is a cloud based mobile logistics system for handling routines such as receiving goods, inventory, balance adjustment, ordering labels printing and waste management – on both Android and iOS operative systems.

Meet the customer needs

With ShopFlow Logistics we ensure that the store has access to the necessary inventory information to meet customers’ need here and now.

A mobile solution

Get the necessary information from anywhere and easily register incoming goods and other changes, with a regular smartphone or Zebra device. By scanning barcodes with mobile devices the speed increases and the risk of errors decreases. Reduces manual back-office tasks and go Mobile First – for all logistical processes.

Simplify administration

ShopFlow Logistics is also an effective solution for managing administration processes that you miss in ERP and POS systems. Thereby reducing manual backoffice tasks and speeding up goods receiving.

Speed up inventory processes

You can also combine RFID with ShopFlow Logistics to make the process even more faster.

Let ShopFlow Logistics keep track for you

ShopFlow Logistics is a home-developed solution and StrongPoint has many years of experience in developing and using the system for customers in the retails sector.

Efficient Order Handling

SFL simplifies ordering by suggesting suitable orders based on past purchases and buying frequencies, including automated replenishment and mixed orders from various suppliers.

Streamlined Goods Receiving

Streamline the goods-receiving process with both
spontaneous and template-driven receiving, allowing for efficient handling of deviations.

Inventory & Stock Adjustment

Maintaining accurate stock levels is vital for business profitability. With SFL, you stay informed about all items in your store. Inventory counting can be conducted using templates or spontaneously, with the option to utilize in-store lighting to locate items efficiently.

Efficient ESL Management & Streamlined In-Store Picking

Manage electronic shelf labels (ESL) effortlessly and harness the power of in-store light. Streamline online order picking, in-store delivery, and notify customers when orders are ready for pickup, all within one convenient platform.

Returns, Transfers & Quality Control

Seamlessly move inventory between stores, speed up deliveries, and prevent substandard products from reaching customers. Enhance satisfaction and avert
issues for smooth operations

Live Inventory Insights

Optimize profits with real-time stock levels. Stay ahead with instant inventory insights for efficient store management. Cut costs, boost visibility, and streamline workflows for lasting success.

Some of our happy customers

ShopFlow Logistics is already being used by several leading retailers.

What our customers say

The dream for the IT department

In this section we introduce how the solution integrates into other solutions, and how it fits into the customers’ IT infrastructure.

Standard API’s for integration

The ShopFlow Logistics software can be integrated to your existing ERP system and/or directly to your suppliers’. That is done through simple and standard Web APIs provided by StrongPoint.

Customer support

At the IT department, you don’t want to spend unnecessary time troubleshooting in the rare cases that something doesn’t work properly. With StrongPoint, you have access to both technical and functional customer support to save you time and unnecessary headache.

Dashboard and analytics

Once the solution is installed you naturally want to keep track of it as well. StrongPoint’s ShopFlow Logistics runs on a cloud-based solution and the backoffice is accessed through a web interface. In the backoffice you get an overview of the in-store logistics processes.

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