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Correct inventory levels lead to increased profitability for KICKS

With the switch to StrongPoint’s store logistics system, Shopflow Logistics, and following operational changes, the beauty chain KICKS has managed to improve its inventory levels – something that is expected to have a direct impact on the financial results.

With 230 stores across Sweden, Norway, and Finland, and a rapidly growing e-commerce, KICKS is the leading beauty chain in the Nordics. They offer a wide range of beauty products in makeup, fragrance, skincare, and hair care. Many stores also offer beauty treatments, where KICKS recently launched their new service concept Treat by KICKS. The store staff consists of professionally trained beauty experts, skin therapists, and makeup artists who assist with everything from expert advice to treatments.

Carola Turanli, system administrator at KICKS, and Raoul Tremura, Visual and Supply Merchandise Manager at KICKS Gallerian, Stockholm

Accurate inventory has a direct impact on profitability

In one of the chain’s flagship stores, the three-story store in Gallerian in Stockholm, Raoul Tremura works. In his role as Visual and Supply Merchandise Manager for the store, it is Raoul’s task to ensure that current campaigns are clearly visible in the store, but also to have optimal product flows and inventory management for the approximately 25,000 different items from 300 brands available in the store.

Having accurate real-time inventory figures is one of the most important aspects for a store and has a direct effect on our profitability. Additionally, it is important for customer satisfaction. Especially in our e-commerce service Click Express, where customers place an order online and expect to be able to pick up the item a few hours later in-store. One does not want to experience an angry customer who has come to the store to find out that the product is not available,” explains Raoul.

Raoul Tremura uses StrongPoint Shopflow Logistics in-store.

Chose Shopflow Logistics from StrongPoint

To assist him, Raoul and KICKS now have the store logistics system Shopflow Logistics from StrongPoint. Handheld computers from Zebra are used for system interaction in the store. The system was implemented in 2021 with a few stores per week throughout the spring and fall. It is now used by all KICKS stores in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The procurement was done centrally by KICKS under the leadership of Carola Turanli, system administrator for POS solutions and SFL solutions/store inventory.

Originally, we were just going to replace the hardware for the previous solution, but ended up wanting to review the software side as well. It was extremely important for us to address inventory discrepancies in the store. We started looking at different systems and eventually found that StrongPoint’s Shopflow Logistics best met our requirements,” explains Carola.

Handheld computers from Zebra are used for system interaction in the store.

Smooth implementation

KICKS use Shopflow Logistics for inventory, return management, inventory corrections, and especially for handling e-commerce orders in-store. The staff uses Zebra’s handheld computers, with fast, built-in scanners and modern interfaces, connected to Shopflow Logistics.

From the headquarters perspective, we are very pleased. StrongPoint has been attentive to our needs and requirements. Everything, including the implementation, has worked very well. We now have more accurate figures and correct inventory, which is absolutely necessary for our financial results. We now receive signals about when products need to be ordered or sent back much faster and more accurately,” Carola further explains.

Raoul agrees: “Yes, it was like the solution was implemented over night and it worked as it should from the start. Moreover, it is extremely user-friendly. After a quick training on Teams, it was just a matter of starting, and there have been no problems at all with getting the staff to adopt the solution.

Carola Turanli works centrally at KICKS and is the system administrator for Shopflow Logistics

Improved Inventory

With the implementation, parts of the work processes were also changed. For instance, inventories are now conducted daily, but by a few items – something both Carola and Raoul perceive as very positive. Also, goods receiving is now handled even more meticulously to ensure having correct inventory all the time. Even the e-commerce service Click Express has received a boost.

Now we have practically 100% inventory control. The Shopflow Logistics system is really the core of all this. With our “zebras,” as we call the handheld computers, we handle practically everything related to product flow. We scan incoming goods and receive signals about returns and orders. We also receive daily lists of what needs to be controlled or otherwise handled that day, says Raoul, adding: The biggest gain in the end is that we now make more money in the store, through faster replenishment, and the fact that our e-commerce works so well.

Highly recommends Shopflow Logistics from StrongPoint

When asked if she would recommend other retail chains to use Shopflow Logistics, Carola responds: “Absolutely! Of course, it depends on the needs and requirements one has, but for us, based on what we need and how we work, we are very satisfied. The support is also very quick and responsive. So if you have similar needs as we do, I highly recommend it.