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5+ labour hours

saved every week (for 1 store)

Uniform and tidy

labelling across all stores

This is how Pressbyrån saves multiple labour hours every week

With its 300 stores across the country, Pressbyrån is Sweden’s largest and most accessible convenience chain. Every day, they strive to make everyday life a little easier and more enjoyable for you and me, by offering smart meals/snacks, timely services, and reading material.

Approximately 300,000 customers visit Pressbyrån on a daily basis across Sweden. Many of these customers come to the Pressbyrån located on the mezzanine level in the bustling Stockholm Central Station.

A focus on innovation, efficiency, and accessibility

Pressbyrån has always been synonymous with innovation and accessibility. The store at Stockholm Central Station is no exception. With a strategic location and a dynamic assortment that is constantly updated with new products, Pressbyrån at Stockholm Central Station has established itself as a place where travelers and residents can easily find what they need.

New features speeds up tasks

Anna Lundin and her team at the Central Station are quick to adapt to changes and implement efficient work methods to enhance the customer experience.

The introduction of StrongPoint’s new functionality in ShopFlow Logistics, which allows labels to be printed from a handheld device connected via Bluetooth to a Zebra label printer, has brought about a positive change at Pressbyrån. The focus has been on simplifying and streamlining the labeling process for the homemade assortment, particularly the impressive 1,400 sandwiches produced in-store each week.

Christian Eriksson, Deputy Store Manager, explains that the previous labeling process was long and cumbersome, resulting in duplicate work and many errors. Anna Lundin adds that “it was a time-consuming procedure that involved printing labels, marking packages with the current date, and manually specifying who made each sandwich.”

With the new labels, everything looks uniform and tidy in our store!!

Christian Eriksson, Deputy Store Manager, Pressbyrån Stockholm Central Station

The new label printing feature in ShopFlow Logistics has completely changed the workflow in the store. Now, everything is printed on a single label: contents, date, and even the name of the responsible staff.

The advantages of the new workflow

Thanks to ShopFlow Logistics by StrongPoint, we save a lot of time every day.

Anna Lundin, Store Manager, Pressbyrån Stockholm Central Station
Man using shopflow logistics in store

Anna Lundin is enthusiastic about saving more than five hours each week thanks to the new feature. But that’s not the only advantage. The process of teaching new staff the correct routines for the homemade assortment has also become much simpler, as the number of steps in the process has been minimized.

The advantages of the new method compared to the old one are obvious. Apart from time savings, it is also easier to maintain a consistent and professional appearance in the store with the new labels. Additionally, the transition to the new label printing feature has resulted in cost savings, as label costs are lower and the work is more efficient. With 19 pre-made templates to choose from, the process is both smooth and intuitive“, says Anna Lundin.

Pressbyrån uses customized labels for the assortment made in-store. The difference compared to the old system used by the store is significant. Previously, labeling required more manual labor, which resulted in a higher margin for error. Thanks to the new functionality in ShopFlow Logistics, it is now simply a matter of specifying who made the sandwiches and how many labels are needed – the rest is handled automatically. We look forward to following Pressbyrån at Stockholm Central Station on their continued journey of innovation, efficiency, and accessibility!