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Big time efficiency savings with electronic shelf labels

When ICA Nära Skultorp in Sweden needed to become more efficient, they chose to partner with StrongPoint to integrate their store with Pricer electronic shelf labels. This has led to large savings in staff time and thus helped to cut costs. In addition, it is much easier for customers to find promotional items. 

For many years, Lars-Åke Sjöholm worked centrally within ICA. When the chance arose to acquire his own ICA store 14 years ago, he did not hesitate. Today he owns and operates ICA Nära in Skultorp, just outside Skövde in Sweden.

About a year ago, he and store manager Helena Andersson felt that it was time to streamline the work in the store. Lars-Åke recalled a product he had seen used by other ICA colleagues and which he thought worked well. The product was Pricer’s electronic shelf labels, which in Sweden are marketed and sold by StrongPoint.

Lots of time saved with electronic shelf labels

Before ICA Nära Skultorp invested in electronic shelf labels, the staff had to print out slips of paper every time they made price changes. These would then be sorted and set up manually in the store which was extremely time-consuming.

“I have saved a lot of time by integrating electronic shelf labels in our store. Since I am also responsible for fruit and vegetables and we often have to adjust the prices – up to three times a week. With the electronic labels I save at least an hour a week”, says store manager Helena.

The correct price is shown to the customer

Another problem before they used the electronic shelf labels was that items were sometimes priced incorrectly. This is inevitable due to human error but annoys and irritates customers.

Also in the past you waited to put up new labels until you had a number of ones to change and do it in a group. It could sometimes take up to a month and with that came a corresponding loss of revenue for the goods that needed to be price adjusted.

With electronic shelf labels, ICA Nära Skultorp can easily ensure that they always have updated and correct prices.

More satisfied customers with clearer campaign prices

Both Lars-Åke and Helena had some fears that customers would find the labels difficult to read, but that was far from the case. “The reactions we have received from our customers have only been positive and have concerned our flashing labels for highlighting special offers. When we explained what the flashes meant, it was received very positively by the customers. They appreciate the extra guidance, ”says Helena.

Painless implementation

Lars-Åke and Helena emphasize that the implementation has gone very well, not least thanks to good support from StrongPoint. “The implementation has been painless. Of course, there are those who find it difficult with new technology, but after some training and practice, it has gone well. Now it is rather fun to experience The experience now is rather that it is fun”, says Helena.

Recommends electronic shelf labels

Both Helena and Lars-Åke were are asked if they would recommend other retailers to invest into Pricer’s shelf labels. “Yes, I would, mainly because of all the time you save, but also because we can make the necessary price changes faster. Sure, it’s an investment, but I’m convinced that the time savings mean that we can easily recoup it, ”Helena answers.

“We are happy with the system. It is important that you as a store owner realize that the system does not take care of itself and that you need to have an organization that is equipped for it. We received very good support from StrongPoint in installing and training, says Lars-Åke.

ICA Nära in Skultorp today has several products from StrongPoint. “In addition to the electronic shelf labels, we also have CashGuard cash management system and Vensafe vending machines. Our experience is that StrongPoint is a trustworthy partner. Our collaboration works well.”, Helena concludes.

Lars-Åke Sjöholm store owner och Helena Andersson store manager at ICA Nära Skultorp, Sweden.
The display on Pricer’s ESL can be shown in black, white and red.
Using ESLs in the fruit and vegetable department saves a lot of time for the store and its staff.