CashGuard Cash Management

Cash handling is often an overlooked part of the retail operation that can have an enormous impact on the entire business. Cash makes the store vulnerable for anything from simple mistakes to shrinkage and theft. The retailer can spend hours every day counting and guarding their cash, but theft and shrinkage appear. Cash becomes the cashier’s highest priority – not customer service.

With CashGuard Cash Management, the cash is secured, and the cash handling process is automated at the checkout. You get real-time control of your cash and thereby eliminate shrinkage. With CashGuard, you can focus on the business, not the cash.

CashGuard Cash Management
Complete Control

The system automatically counts every coin and banknote as it’s entered the machine. You get instant, real-time information on cash levels per checkout point, store or even your full chain of stores.

No-touch cash handling

No-touch cash solutions such as CashGuard help reduce the risk of spreading bacteria through cash handling. It reduces the contact between food and cash, and minimizes the potential of for example virus contaminations.

No more theft or shrinkage

The cash is secured at the checkout, making theft and robberies impossible, which makes staff confident that do not risk being robbed or getting accused of stealing.

Save time

Manual cash handling steals several hours out of the retailers’ week to count the cash. With CashGuard, you reduced the time spent on cash handling by 50%. The store manager only collects the excessive banknotes from the system in the evening and possibly replenish some change for the following day. That´s it!

Shorter lines

Payments with CashGuard are up to 30 % faster than a manual cash drawer – which means fewer queues and better customer service.

Reduced costs

CashGuard offers improved financial control and more accurate reports. You can actively control the cash levels according to your needs – reducing the CIT and costs of change purchases.


The market leader

StrongPoint’s CashGuard is the leading Cash Management solution on the market. There are more than 30 000 CashGuard systems installed worldwide and some five million retail customers use CashGuard systems every day.

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