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CashGuard Unico

For “over-the-counter checkouts” such as in restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries and petrol stations CashGuard Unico is a great option. The Unico processes payment in less than 12 seconds and can handle up to 1 500 coins and 1 000 banknotes.

Quick and easy cash handling

CashGuard Unico is designed to enable the customer to insert both coins and banknotes themselves. That way, the cashier can pack the products at the same time as the customer completes the payment. The system has floor-mounted steel cabinets for easy installation and high security.

As the system is easily handled by the customers you can also use it as a payment solution for your self-checkouts.

Technical overview

Recycling: All denominations

Max deposit speed: 0,4 banknotes per second and 5 coins per second

Max dispense speed: 5 coins per second 0.3 notes per second

Lock: Electronic

Currencies: EUR, NOK, SEK


Unico Coin recycler

Colour: Black
Inlet: Bunch feed of coins
Outlet: Multi coin bowl
Denominations: Max 8
Recycling Capacity: 1,500 coins
Coin Box: 1,500 coins
Customer Interface: Interactive RGB lights

Unico Note recycler

Colour: Black
Configuration: Single feed of notes
Denominations: Max 7
Recycling Capacity: 80 banknotes
Note Box: 1,000 notes
Customer Interface: Interactive RGB lights


Unico Coin Recycler

Material: Steel casing

Width: 239 mm

Height: 749 mm

Depth: 434mm

Weight: 31 kg (excl. coins)

Unico Note recycler

Material: Steel casing

Width: 239 mm

Height: 749 mm

Depth: 434 mm

Weight: 32 kg

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