Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

The StrongPoint E-Commerce order fulfillment Suite is an end-to-end solution designed for grocery retailers. It helps retailers manage and deliver online orders, maximising picking efficiency and enabling a range of last-mile options.

StrongPoint’s e-commerce fulfillment solutions are trusted by leading grocery retailers in Europe and North America. Our 35+ years experience in grocery retail technology means we understand your challenges, and can help you find the right solutions.


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StrongPoint Order Picking

StrongPoint Picking is a cloud-based solution designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of in-store staff. Our technology augments manual processes to make them 99.99% accurate, and up to 7x more efficient than traditional systems.


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Last mile solutions

Customers care about choice, convenience and speed. We offer a range of last-mile solutions that deliver all three:

Click & Collect locker: stationary, mobile and temperature-controlled
Drive-thru pick up: with AI-powered license plate recognition
In-store pickup
Home delivery

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Göran Borg, CEO at Stora Coop Varberg

It is obvious that StrongPoint knows our industry and they are quick and willing to solve our challenges. We have a very good partnership with them today.

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Lisa Rister, Head of Online Sales at ICA

ICA Maxi Lindhagen has increased picking efficiency by 64% and are much better suited for the increased demand in grocery ecommerce. “Since the implementation of StrongPoint’s system, the staff works faster than expected and picks an average of 295 products per labor hour. Through order statistics, the employees can face the demands of high order frequencies”.

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Niklas Zeitlin, Head of Online Operations at Coop Sverige.

The biggest advantage of Click & Collect grocery lockers from StrongPoint is of course the high customer satisfaction – with just a small operating effort on our part. But the lockers also give us the opportunity to place them in locations where otherwise collection would not have been possible based on store format and conditions.

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Proven results

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Managing online orders from A to Z

Most grocery retailers know that fulfilling online orders provides potential problems. The orders need to be both picked, packed and shipped, all of which are processes requiring resources. Specific for the grocery industry is that there are a huge range of products to pick from in all shapes and sizes, and with different and strict temperature requirements. In addition, grocery retailers usually operate with a razor thin margin, which means that all of these tasks must be done as efficiently as possible if any profit stand to be made.

Fortunately, StrongPoint is an efficiency-obsessed technology company providing hyper fast and simple order fulfillment solutions. We have proven results with grocery retailers achieving as high as 10% (!) profit from their e-commerce operations. A lot of which is thanks to StrongPoint’s interconnected solutions seamlessly working together to improve every step of the e-commerce fulfillment process.

From the moment the order is sent to your system, until the customer has received it, we work our magic.

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