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StrongPoint technology and early adoption of grocery e-commerce leads to a solid market share for ICA Maxi Flygstaden

StrongPoint’s grocery e-commerce solutions have enabled ICA Maxi Flygstaden to process up to 700 e-grocery orders a day in-store. The store fulfills 1,500-2,000 orders a week using in-store picking with 80% of online customers choosing click and collect and 20% home delivery. 

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Early adopter of grocery e-commerce ICA Maxi Flygstaden scales up efficiency and capacity with StrongPoint Order Picking solution 

When grocery retailer ICA Maxi Flygstaden began its e-commerce journey in 2016, they chose StrongPoint’s in-store Order Picking solution. Since then, the store has added multiple last mile solutions from StrongPoint including the Drive-Thru solution with license-plate recognition and StrongPoint’s Home Delivery solution.  

“We use a lot of StrongPoint’s solutions in our store. Their end-to-end order fulfillment solution is extremely simple, extremely efficient and reasonably priced. It fits perfectly with our store needs. We are also very satisfied with their technicians and the support we get from them”, says Anette Bengtsson, Store Manager at ICA Maxi Flygstaden. 

Today the store has developed a steady online customer base and significantly increased their market share in the region, tapping into the growing demand for e-groceries locally.   

Leveraging the store to do e-groceries at scale

Many grocery industry leaders can be uncertain about the potential capacity of in-store picking and online order fulfillment. ICA Maxi Flygstaden and numerous other StrongPoint customers have shown that in-store picking can achieve unprecedented levels of capacity and efficiency with in-store picking.  

“We have had almost 700 online orders in 1 day and are usually working with 1500-2000 online orders each week using StrongPoint’s in-store picking solution. It’s a very smooth system that increases speed, works well and is highly accurate. We use it a lot every day”, says Anette Bengtsson.

The store’s fulfillment rate has also improved significantly using StrongPoint’s  manual Order Picking solution. The system can be adapted to each store’s layout, the picking staff’s methods and the number of picking zones. The smart, fast and flexible substitution system is also a customer pleaser. 

Pickup is the new home delivery  

ICA Maxi Flygstaden added StrongPoint’s Drive-Thru solution to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the store’s curbside pick-up, which was previously purely manual, in addition to providing a home delivery solution. Nationally, click and collect with store pick-up has overtaken home delivery and this store is no exception with 80% of e-grocery customers opting for pick-up using the Drive-Thru solution.  

“Our customers think the Drive-Thru solution is really smooth and convenient. With StrongPoint’s system, including license plate recognition, we instantly see on the screen when the customer is approaching. We needed to increase efficiency and reduce waiting time for customers, and StrongPoint has helped us do just that. We have also seen other stores use the same solution with great success,” says Anette Bengtsson.

Scaling up efficiency and capacity with StrongPoint

One of the key reasons ICA Maxi Flygstaden chose to use StrongPoint’s grocery e-commerce solutions was because it was end-to-end and allowed the store to drive efficiency and scale capacity.  

“I would warmly recommend StrongPoint to any other grocery retailer. We are very happy with them as can be seen with all our StrongPoint solutions”, says Anette.