Cash Management

Eyes on the business, not the cash

Stop cash handling, start Cash Management

Cash payments can significantly impact retailers’ profits depending on if the cash is handled or managed. Many retailers handle their cash manually today. This makes their business vulnerable to errors and shrinkage. Manual handling exposes the business to robberies – with negative effects on revenue, staff and customer service. Manual cash handling also diverts resources from the core business and from customer service. Retailers with an efficient Cash Management solution enjoy increased revenue, lowered costs, enhanced security and improved customer service.

Focus on the business, not the cash

By starting with Cash Management, many of the cashiers’ and chief cashiers’ daily tasks are removed or changed. Since the Cash Management solution controls the cash instead of the cashier, there’s no need for personal cash floats. This allows for more flexible routines where any cashier rapidly can open a checkout at customer peaks and then return to other tasks when the peak is over.

Boost your business with CashGuard

StrongPoint’s Cash Management solution is called CashGuard and is the leading Cash Management solution on the market. It automates, seals and secures the cash handling process at the point of sale and the back office. We offer a variety of different front-office and back office products to suit your specific needs. CashGuard is the first choice of retailers world-wide and in a variety of retail segments. There are almost 30,000 CashGuard systems installed around the world and some five million retail customers use CashGuard systems every day. The system is well-known for its quality, reliability and security.

Watch our video – CashGuard customers tell their stories.

New possibilities for large retail chains

The new chain management software called Declaration, enables daily imports of cash management data from individual stores to the central office. This is the first time it is possible to assess local transaction data on the central office level. With a better overview, the central office will get better business intelligence and can plan their resources better. The Declaration software is flexible and retailers can choose among the features to fit their specific needs. StrongPoint’s professional services department partners with the retailer to optimise the implementation of the software.

More flexibility and customisation

The cash management software now enables retailers to have up to four denominations in the same cassette. With this, the solution has a smaller footprint in the store, which makes implementation more economical. StrongPoint is also happy to announce that the software is now available on all relevant languages where StrongPoint does business.

Interested to learn more about the actual implementation of cash management? Download our guide “Let’s manage cash – it’s good business”.

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