StrongPoint Order Picking

Pick more with less time. Our order picking solution turbo-charges the efficiency of your store workers giving the automated solutions a run for their money. Many of our customers are averaging picking rates of ~240 items an hour and some are doing just over ~350 an hour – making it the most efficient in-store picking solution in the world.  

StrongPoint Order Picking

Key Features

Hyper efficient

Most efficient way to pick in-store and in dark stores as many customers average 240 items per hour compared to 60-65 using traditional methods.

Extremely flexible

Can be used for any store, any size, anywhere.

Instantly scalable

Cloud-based and can be scaled up and down to meet unexpected, seasonal, or weekly changes in demand.

Super-fast to deploy

Takes on average less than 5 minutes to train a new member of staff on how to use the system.

Low CapEx

No up-front costs, pay-as-you-go & bring-your-own-device option.

man and woman in grocery store

Order picking for grocery retailers

Are you a grocery retailer and want to increase your picking of online orders up to 7 times the industry standard? Is accuracy in the delivery and great customer service high on your priority list? With StrongPoint’s Picking solution even high labour cost countries such as Sweden have grocery retailers earning more money on their online sales than instore sales.

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home delivery of groceries

Order picking for delivery platforms

Are you a delivery platform that also offers grocery delivery? And are you looking to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency when picking those orders? StrongPoint offers the perfect solution for delivery platforms that complements your existing app with a fully integrated picking module – and at the same time adds value to your own offering!

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Lisa Rister, Head of Online Sales at ICA

ICA Maxi Lindhagen has increased picking efficiency by 64% and are much better suited for the increased demand in grocery ecommerce. “Since the implementation of StrongPoint’s system, the staff works faster than expected and picks an average of 295 products per labor hour. Through order statistics, the employees can face the demands of high order frequencies”.

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A brief demonstration


Here you can see a StrongPoint employee demonstrate how the picking system works.



Proven results

0 million

items are picked with our picking solution every day

0 workers

use our solution for picking every day

0 stores

use our solutions in over 10 countries in Europe & North America


picked per labor hour by many of our customers, across all product categories.

In-store picking designed for lowering high labour costs

StrongPoint Picking is a cloud-based manual grocery picking solution designed for maximum efficiency by using technology to augment the picking potential of store workers.

We provide software and hardware – you can mix and match to fit your needs – for hands-free grocery picking. It can be used for in-store, dark store and warehouse picking. It is purpose built for grocery workers based on decade of experience working with leading retailers.

Designed and developed in Scandinavia where we have the highest labour costs in the world – so we had to be laser-focused on maximising the efficiency of the system. On average the top quartile of our customers pick on average ~240 items an hour and some are peaking at over 350 an hour – making it up to 7X more efficient than traditional systems.


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