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What is picking pack? Improve your e-commerce efficiency

Published: 10. March 2021

If you want to improve your e-commerce efficiency, thereby reducing cost and improving capacity, you should look into picking pack. Also called pick and pack, pick’n pack, and pick pack, the term refers to the process that occurs after an online order has been received. As the name implies, the focus lies in the picking of the online order and then packing it for shipping. Some also include the delivery when using the term picking pack.


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Picking online orders

After an e-commerce order has been recevied, the first thing that needs to be done is usually to pick the items of the order. For some companies this is a very simple process, for example for a small webstore who only sells one product. But for others this becomes a much more complicated and time-consuming task, for example a grocery retailer with thousands of SKU’s and a fairly big store to navigate. There are many options that can make this process more efficient. The grocery retailer could invest in a dark store or a fulfillment center, but often the most cost-saving solution is an effective in-store picking solution such as StrongPoint Order Picking, which can increase the speed of the picking process up to 7x industry standard.

Picking solution

Packing online orders

Once the order has been picked it must be packed ready for the customer. Packing should be done securely and efficiently. In regards to packing there is also a large variation depending on the companies, product and delivery method. For many companies, the order would be packed securely with bubble wrap, put in a parcel and labelled correctly for shipping through a third party. For a grocery retailer however, the process could simply be to put the items in a shopping bag and place the bag in a temperature-controlled click & collect locker, often located just outside the store. The packing solution should seek to be as efficient as possible, without jeopardizing security or quality.

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Delivery is an essential part of completing the online order. The delivery should be tailored to what suits the customer best for a competitive advantage. The options are many and include home delivery, delivery to a pick-up location, delivery to a click & collect locker and in-store pick-up. The best provider will let the customer choose the one that suits them the best, naturally while keeping cost and simplicity in mind.


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Finding the right solutions for your company can be a challenge, but equally rewarding. Optimizing your picking pack processes can greatly influence your company’s performance and ability to deliver to your customers. StrongPoint offers an end-to-end solution for the picking pack process to make it simple and efficient for you and your customer. To learn how you can optimise your picking pack processes contact StrongPoint here.