Last mile solutions


Excellent customer experiences are what differentiate you from your competitors. Your customers expect an omnichannel approach that gives them ease, flexibility and choice. And they want real-time updates on where their order is. StrongPoint’s last-mile solutions help you go the extra mile for your customers.


Last mile grocery lockers

StrongPoint Click & Collect Lockers

Our click & collect lockers come with quality as standard, designed in Scandinavia and built to survive even the most extreme weather conditions. We offer both regular parcel lockers and temperature-controlled lockers for groceries, as well as software for customer communication and contactless access.

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StrongPoint Delivery Manager

Our Delivery Manager software helps staff plan and manage online ordering and pick-up. It lets your team proactively plan order flow and manage deliveries with maximum efficiency.

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Delivery manager system

StrongPoint Route Manager

StrongPoint Home Delivery

Our Home Delivery module improves shopping experiences for customers and efficiency for retailers. It optimises the delivery process by planning the best routes, managing vehicle sizes, booking delivery slots and ensuring that the orders are picked and stored efficiently.

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Efficient and on time

Last-mile deliveries are resource-intensive for retailers. Your customers expect free delivery, flexible time slots and long opening hours – but those services cost. And now that contactless experiences have become so important, it’s becoming even more complex to meet customer expectations.

StrongPoint’s last-mile solutions increase the efficiency of your deliveries by optimising routes, supporting staff with over-the-counter deliveries and offering in-store pick up with click & collect Lockers (BOPIS).

It means you stay in control of every step of the delivery process – ensuring products reach your customers efficiently and on-time

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