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Last mile solutions

Published: 31. October 2022

The term “last mile” is used to describe the process of getting an order to the client. The last part (or mile) of the order fulfilment process. Generally, there are 2 ways of doing last mile. Either you send the order directly to the customer with home delivery, or you have the customer travel to a location to pick up the order. StrongPoint offers several solutions for maximum efficiency in both areas.

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Making last mile delivery more efficient with StrongPoint’s click & collect and home delivery solutions.

Efficient and on time

Last mile deliveries are resource-intensive for retailers. Your customers expect cheap delivery, flexible time slots and long opening hours – but those services cost. And now that contactless experiences have become so important, it’s becoming even more complex to meet customer expectations.

StrongPoint’s last mile delivery solutions increase the efficiency of your deliveries by optimising routes, supporting staff with over-the-counter deliveries and offering in-store pick up with click & collect lockers (BOPIS).

It means you stay in control of every step of the delivery process – ensuring products reach your customers efficiently and on-time.

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