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How to consolidate and stage orders and arrange respective last-mile options

Published: 15. September 2023

This blog post is part 6 of 7, in a series that will discuss each key point from the StrongPoint webinar “Top 7 things to consider when doing grocery automation“.

Efficiency in order consolidation and staging, particularly for last-mile delivery, is a critical consideration that can significantly impact the overall effectiveness of the fulfillment process. Fortunately, StrongPoint and AutoStore offer innovative solutions to address these challenges.

A dynamic automated storage order buffer, powered by AutoStore technology, plays a pivotal role in optimizing order processing. Acting as a temporary storage location between the order-picking and shipping stages, this solution enables the accumulation of multiple orders in a centralized buffer. By consolidating orders in this way, the system reduces the time and labor required for individual order handling, resulting in faster order fulfillment and enhanced operational efficiency.

Moreover, the automated storage order buffer provides an intelligent mechanism for sorting and arranging orders to optimize last-mile delivery. By strategically sequencing the orders, the system minimizes travel time and distance required to fulfill each order, ultimately improving the efficiency and speed of last-mile delivery operations.

In practical terms, the AutoStore solution presents picked orders at a station that is already prepared for loading into a delivery van or handing off to a quick-commerce partner. However, what sets this system apart is its ability to handle order staging in a linear fashion, based on the queue. This ensures a streamlined flow of order handoff, reducing potential bottlenecks and delays.

Simultaneously, the automated storage order buffers offer flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing order volumes and fulfillment requirements. By automatically adjusting the buffer size and capacity in real-time, based on order inflows and outflows, the system effectively manages fluctuations in demand.

The inherent flexibility of this solution empowers businesses to efficiently navigate peak periods without overburdening their order processing capabilities or investing in excessive space. By dynamically optimizing the use of available space, time and labor, this approach maximizes operational efficiency and minimizes wastage.

Ultimately, the consolidation and staging of orders using the AutoStore technology result in a well-orchestrated last-mile delivery process. This streamlined approach not only enhances the overall customer experience by ensuring prompt and accurate deliveries but also optimizes the utilization of resources, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

When it comes to order consolidation and staging for last-mile delivery, partnering with industry-leading innovators like StrongPoint and AutoStore, can revolutionize fulfillment operations. Our solutions enable businesses to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies that drive efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

By harnessing the benefits of intelligent storage order buffering and strategic sequencing of orders, retailers can optimize their last-mile operations and unlock new levels of productivity and customer satisfaction, thus empowering them to drive operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience and ultimately gain a competitive edge in the grocery industry.

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