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The StrongPoint Mobile Click & Collect Lockers offers new possibilities to turn any area into a pickup point. The solution can be placed on, for example, a parking lot or by a petrol station without a building permit and can be moved to test out new locations or districts.

The Mobile Locker offers the same functionality as our renowned Grocery and Retail Parcel Click & Collect Lockers but with a much higher mobility as it is on wheels.

The Mobile Locker comes in two versions; a Grocery version that offers three temperature zones, same as the traditional lockers – controlled ambient, chilled and frozen – to ensure the groceries to be kept fresh and secure until the customer is ready to pick them up; or the Retail Parcel version that offers various door sizes in a passive ambient setup.


Mobile Click & Collect lockers for grocery or retail parcel pickups.



To offer more convenient and flexible pick up points, while avoiding the need to make a fixed installation.



Grocery retailers and non-food retailers that want to offer their customers smarter, remote pickup locations and greater flexibility such as 24/7 pickup points and no-touch deliveries.

Three temperature zones

In the Grocery retail version the groceries are stored in controlled temperatures compliant with official’s regulations. Temperatures can be adjusted to your needs and are divided into controlled cmbient, chilled and frozen.

In the Retail Parcel locker parcels are kept safe and locked away in doors that offers an ambient environment.


Modular design

The locker is customisable with a set-up of three modules.

For the Retail parcel locker the doors can vary in size, for the Grocery Retail lockers the door size is fixed.

The locker is delivered in a neutral grey colour but can be customised to fit your profile. The “plug and play” design only requires one day on-site installation.

 The 9-door Module: Ambient or Chilled

The 12-door Module: Ambient, Chilled or Frozen

The Central Unit: The brain of the system

Retail Parcel Locker: Configurable


Solid Construction

The lockers are built to withstand tough conditions. All interior metal surfaces are made in high-quality stainless steel, and the external surfaces are made in galvanised, coated steel. Door hinges and locks are hidden behind protective panels to protect against break-ins and tampering.

For the Grocery Retail lockers automatic defrosting ensures a stable temperature in every zone and prevents condensing and icing. The self-closing doors have heated frames to prevent them from freezing.

The outdoor lockers are certified for use in temperatures between -25 and +40°C.


Smart and Connected

The locker software controls all functions and can be integrated into the ERP and logistics systems.

The software notifies the staff in case of temperature changes, open doors and other incidents that could compromise the quality of the groceries.

It features central monitoring and is connected to the StrongPoint Support Centre if assistance is needed.

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