StrongPoint Route Manager

The StrongPoint Route Manager module ensures retailers can make their home deliveries as time- and cost-efficient as possible. The solution support retailers with setting up the most optimal delivery routes and booking vehicles. The system also estimates the delivery time and communicates with the customer.


A solution that ensures time-and cost-efficient home deliveries, with maximum customer service.



Well-executed home deliveries are crucial in keeping the loyalty of your E-Commerce customers today. Route Manager ensures your customer are continuously informed about the arrival of their order – and that they get correct order on time.



StrongPoint Route Manager is designed for online retailers of any industry who wants to be in full control of their home deliveries.

Home delivery planning

Route Manager supports you in planning your deliveries so you are in full control of the vehicle to use, what order to pack and in what order and finally what route the driver should take.


Customer text message

The system also keeps your customers continuously updated on when their delivery will arrive.


Use traffic data

Route Manger uses traffic data from Google Maps to give you the optimal route.


Heat maps showing delivered orders

The system offers additional support in routing your orders by showing on a heat map where customers are located.

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