StrongPoint Delivery Manager

StrongPoint’s Delivery Manager module takes over after your picking is done to ensure that the perfectly picked order now reaches the customer in the perfect way.

The Delivery Manager module handles all communication with both the customer and your staff, ensuring that the customer receives the best possible customer service when arriving to pick up the order.

The Delivery Manager solution also provides your staff with the best possible support to offer great customers support; for example, the solution ensures that the staff know exactly what the arriving customer is there to pick up, where the picked goods are located within the store and ensures that the first arriving customer gets supported first etc. It also allows the staff to inform the arriving customer if there are any discrepancies in order to be able to offer other items or in general give that extra good customer support.

Vareleveringsløsningen Delivery Manager for detaljhandelen
Vareleveringsløsningen Delivery Manager for detaljhandelen


A software that gives retailers full control over every part of the delivery process as well as ensuring continuous communication both internally and externally.



As the number of orders grows, you need a smart system to track every step. Delivery Manager provides both specific details about each order and feedback when the order has been delivered — giving you efficient operations and ensuring that you can offer great customer service.



StrongPoint Delivery Manager is designed for online retailers of any industry that wants to be in control of their in-store delivery process.

WorkForce management

Delivery Manager supports the retailer with their workforce management.


Notification of customer arrival

The customer registers their arrival either via a screen or answering a text message – and your staff will be informed instantly that the customer has arrived to pick up their goods.


Delivery Sign-off

Delivery Manager offers on-screen sign-off, to be used as proof of delivery, for example.


Age control

Your staff will be notified if the order contains any age-restricted products so that they know in advance if they are required to check the customer’s age before handing out the order.


Report deviations

Delivery Manager keeps track of the solution and reports any deviations.

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