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First age estimation for automated tobacco purchases on self-checkouts – live in Europe

Published: 19. September 2019

Customers can enjoy a smooth process of automatic age verification while buying age-restricted items – the new concept was introduced in the first store in Europe. Tobacco sales automation is empowered on self-checkouts by StrongPoint and Yoti age estimation technology at the Keila Tarbijate Ühistu store.

The concept of tobacco sales automation through self-checkouts was introduced publicly on EuroCIS this year. The age check is performed by digital identity platform Yoti on StrongPoint’s self-checkout software – purchased tobacco products are subsequently collected at Vensafe dispensers on customer’s way out. The first live store installation with the full cycle is already available for customers convenience in Estonia.

Moreover, automatic age verification at self-checkouts not only enables self-service tobacco purchases but also eliminates the need for interference by store staff while buying alcohol or other age-restricted items. This automation reduces the self-checkout intervention rate and increases productivity. The implementation of the solution even makes it possible to run a 100% self-service store.

This new customer-centric technology is all about improving the shopping experience, boosting compliance and improving staff safety – customers don’t need to wait for store assistance when approving the age, tobacco products can be purchased on self-checkout. Shoppers don’t need to sign up for the age estimation solution, or carry personal documents to the store  – this means the time of store staff can be dedicated to providing higher-value services for customers.

Keila TÜ keeps on bringing value to their customers and introducing new technologies that make their life simpler and safer.

“We are excited to introduce one more brand new concept to the retail stores. No doubt shoppers will appreciate the convenience it brings to them and application of technology will soon spread in the retail world”, says Rimantas Mažulis, SVP at StrongPoint Baltics.

John Abbott, Chief Business Officer at Yoti said “We’re transforming the way people prove their age in retail with digital identities and our leading age estimation technology. It’s great to see Keila Tarbijate Ühistu go live with our technology that makes life easier for retail staff and customers alike. We expect big things for this innovative solution.”