Vensafe Dispenser

The Vensafe dispenser handles products of multiple sizes and shapes. This enables sales of a large variety of products. Retailers can optimise their product mix to fit their store needs.

  • Vensafe dispensers can operate as a single unit (up to 80 different products and a total of 1 600 articles) or can be linked with up to three units (240 items and 4 800 articles).
  • The dispenser can be delivered with a cooling system that supports temperatures down to eight degrees Celsius.
  • The dispenser displays stock levels and indicates which products need refilling. Out-of-stock alerts are sent via e-mail.
  • Internal shrinkage is controlled with hardware security features and time-stamp logging of every interaction with the system.
  • There is full traceability of all events for performance monitoring, including a report if a product was not retrieved.
  • The system logs every transaction and alerts if the specific product transaction card/receipt is paid for, and if that product has been retrieved or not.

• Width 90 x Depth 91 x Height 223 cm
• Built into the wall: Width 9o x Depth 91 x Height 223 cm
• Weight: 165 kg
• Footprint: 0.81m²

• Max capacity products per dispenser: 80
• Max capacity articles per dispenser: 1600
• Up to three dispensers can be used together
• Extra storage: two drawers with room for approx. 680 products per drawer

Operative system
• Windows Embedded POSReady 7

• Power consumption: 170W
• Voltage input: 100 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz
• Interface to POS: Lan

• Power consumption: 350W max, CE-approved
• Temperature: approx. 8˚C
• Capacity: 390W, automatic defrost function
• Noise level: 48dB