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StrongPoint to provide Pick & Collect solutions to Rimi in the Baltics

Published: 20. November 2019

StrongPoint has entered into an agreement with Rimi, one of the largest retail chains in the Baltics and part of the ICA Group, to provide Pick & Collect solutions as part of Rimi’s online grocery shopping roll-out in Latvia.

“It is the right time for Rimi to offer an online store to our customers. The market is growing, and shoppers enjoy online purchases, which means that we can successfully offer our solution to customers. We will expand gradually, increasing the available services and their regional coverage,” says Edgar Sesemann, CEO of Rimi Baltic.

StrongPoint Pick & Collect makes order picking faster, more accurate and requires fewer resources. The web-based system plans the best picking route based on the shortest way, temperature and fragility and enables the customer to zone-pick multiple orders.

“It is an honour and pleasure to work with such an innovative and dedicated partner as Rimi. We will continue our effort to make sure StrongPoint Pick & Collect does not only bring value to Rimi’s order picking process but also their entire e-commerce strategy,” says Rimantas Mažulis, SVP at StrongPoint Baltics.

StrongPoint Pick & Collect also handles out-of-stock items, replacements, expiration dates, age controls, recalls and many other features – making picking easy and efficient.

“We see this as an essential next step as we continue to grow our e-commerce logistics solutions in key markets such as the Baltics. Being trusted by a large retailer as Rimi proves that our solutions meet retailers’ demands as they go online,” concludes Jacob Tveraabak, CEO of StrongPoint.


For additional information, please contact:

Jacob Tveraabak, CEO StrongPoint

Phone +47 90 82 13 70

Amanda Cremon, Marketing Director, StrongPoint E-Commerce (Cub AB)

Phone +46 709 41 67 87


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