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Self-Scanning makes shopping easier for Rimi customers

Published: 4. June 2019

Self-scanning – the innovative and convenient shopping method, is gaining momentum. One of the largest retailers in the Baltics, Rimi (part of ICA Group), is introducing the first store where customers can scan their products while shopping and leave without queuing at manned checkouts. StrongPoint is the technology partner for Rimi self-scanning project, and the system will be operative from June 4th.

The first Rimi store to offer this shopping solution is situated in Estonia, where customers are well familiar with the technology. Mustamäe Sõpruse Rimi is equipped with almost 100 handheld scanners. Moreover, the payment process goes through dedicated payment stations developed by StrongPoint particularly for this project. “The next store where the handheld scanners will be available soon is Ülemiste Rimi hypermarket,” says Jelena Koginova, Format Manager at Rimi.

A customer is identified by activating Rimi’s client card at the beginning of shopping. “The convenience of using scanners is enhanced by this feature – if the customer has already placed the scanner to its slot, but has forgotten to add an additional product, it can still be done at the self-service payment terminal just before the payment. Moreover, weighed products are conveniently displayed by title at screens – the same as at our self-checkouts,” explains Ms Koginova.

The installation is part of a wider self-scanning project across the Baltics planned by Rimi. Rimi shoppers are very accustomed to self-service as the usage of self-checkouts in some stores reaches 50%. Further development of self-scanning will depend on customer needs and habits. It will allow shoppers to save time as they will skip the unpacking from trolleys and packing back into bags; also, the queues at the checkouts will be the thing of the past.

“Rimi decision to offer one more innovative solution to the customers is very well reasoned and timely since self-scanning is becoming an appreciated shopping method around Europe. Improved customer experience isn’t just a future trend or aspiration but something that shoppers expect from retailers on a daily basis. Our experience in delivering various self-service solutions has shown that customers adopt new technologies in stores quickly. Therefore, we appreciate the trust shown by Rimi and are eager to contribute towards increasing the shopping experience at retailer’s stores in all Baltic countries,” explains Rimantas Mažulis, Senior Vice President at StrongPoint.

Rimi and StrongPoint are stepping into self-scanning area together for the first time, but the partnership continues for years back in delivering various store efficiency solutions.