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Meny tests a mobile grocery locker from StrongPoint in a popular harbour in Norway

Published: 30. July 2021

The action has also been covered by Norwegian news here: (category 4, kjøleskap til båtfolket)

A mobile grocery locker provides flexibility to a click & collect online grocery set-up. It can be placed anywhere as an easy pick-up point for customers and the grocery retailer only has to drive their online orders to one location instead of many (or instead of building a costly new store). Both Meny and the customer can be certain that the temperature requirements for their food is met and that food safety holds the highest standard with StrongPoint’s grocery locker complying with strict Nowegian rules and regulations, as well as receiving the NSF certification for food safety internationally.

Meny have been testing StrongPoint’s mobile grocery lockers in some central locations in the Oslo-area already (as can be read about HERE), and have now opted to try a new use and location for the mobile grocery locker. As Norway has an incredibly long coastline, travelling by boat is a popular way to spend the summer holidays. There are many beautiful, yet remote harbours along the coast and Meny has sought to solve a problem for the boat community at one harbour called Nevlunghavn where there are no grocery stores in close proximity. Instead, they now have a mobile grocery locker and the opportunity to order food from Meny online and pick it up at the grocery locker the next day.

“It is very comfortable, to just sit on the boat, enjoy the sun, click on a mobile phone and then someone picks the groceries for you [and delivers them to the grocery locker]”, says Tom Meland Bekkevold in the NRK news interview. “It’s the first time we have tried it and it’s a great offer”.

Meny’s e-commerce manager Knut Nyløkken have said that “when people are on the go, this (mobile grocery lockers) is a very practical way to pick up their order. It takes 20 seconds to enter the order code and retrieve the bags from the locker. It is extremely efficient.

As the only supplier of mobile grocery lockers, StrongPoint are proud to continously innovate and offer smart solutions together with top grocery retailers such as Meny.

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