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A new partnership empowers StrongPoint to enter Portugal

Published: 4. July 2019

A leading European retail and e-commerce technologies provider StrongPoint has partnered with Exclusivas Iglesias in Iberian peninsula. A successful company with a long-lasting history has been granted rights for sale of our solutions in Portugal.

Strongpoint has been expanding in Spain since 2016 after acquiring PYD Seguridad, a cash management company that now offers a full portfolio of retail and e-commerce logistics technologies. After strengthening position in the Spanish market, Portugal is the next step of growth in new markets for StrongPoint.

“Iberia is one of StrongPoint’s three focus areas. Portugal represents a new market for us, yet it is a natural stepping stone from Spain. Our approach is to partner with companies with a strong presence when we enter new markets. I believe Exclusivas Iglesias, with their long and profound experience from the retail market in Portugal, will succeed with our common ambitious goals in the region”, says Jacob Tveraabak, CEO of StrongPoint.

Exclusivas Iglesias will start from the cash management solutions as the Iberic peninsula is a market where cash payments are still widespread. The company will approach each vertical of the market such as tobacco shops, bakeries, petrol stations etc. Iglesias has a broad experience in the technological field and aspires to drive the Portuguese market to more innovative and efficient solutions.

“We have high ambitions to increase efficiency and productivity for our end customers here in Iberia. We believe Exclusivas Iglesias is a strong partner to distribute our solutions to customers in Portugal and look forward to the common fulfilment of this agreement”, says Javier Aguilera, Country Manager for StrongPoint Iberia.

Exclusivas Iglesias has committed to sell at least 100 cash management units in Portugal each year. The new partnership will open up the Portuguese market to our E-commerce logistics solutions.

Exclusivas Iglesias was founded in 1982 with headquarters in Galicia, Portugal, and has an extensive distributor network all over Spain and Portugal. The company has over 100 employees who help retailers be more efficient and productive. They also have the technical knowledge enabling the sale of our E-commerce solutions.