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Safer staff and more satisfied customers with Vensafe

When grocery retailer ICA in Sweden had its Vensafe product dispensers installed, it was to create a safer and more more efficient workplace for the staff. In addition, they also wanted to be able to offer customers a wider product range. Now, almost two years later, they can state that they have also gained more orders in the store and more satisfied customers.

Anna Löwström is an ICA store manager and runs the grocery store ICA Supermarket in Åsa. Working environment issues and staff safety are important for Anna and were part of the decision to purchase the Vensafe product dispenser from StrongPoint.

Anna Löwström retailer at ICA Supermarket Åsa in Sweden.

Safer and more secure for store staff

The store had, for some time, problems with shrinkage of high-value items. In addition, there was the possibility of  robbery and dangerous situations, where small high-value products are particularly at risk.

“As a manager, it is of course important to me that the staff feel safe. It feels obvious to do what you can to minimise the vulnerability that the store staff are exposed to and prevent theft and robbery. That was a very important aspect when we chose to purchase the Vensafe solution.”

Anna Löwström, Store Manager of ICA Supermarket Åsa

Satisfied customers with a wider product range

Another important factor for the decision was that the store with Vensafe had the opportunity to offer a larger range of high-value products compared to when they stored the products on shelves above the checkouts, as Vensafe can accommodate significantly more products, at most 80 products and 1,600 items per vending machine.

Today, customers appreciate that we can keep a much wider range of products than before and are now so used to this type of theft-prevention solution that there are no problems at all,” says Anna.

Anna helps a customer to use Vensafe.

Theft prevention

From a purely economic point of view, it has been advantageous: the store has significantly lowered shrinkage of high-value products. Even if Anna has not yet calculated exactly how much money they have saved due to reduced shrinkage and increased sales, she knows it’s a significant amount.

Recommends Vensafe

When Anna is asked if she would recommend other retailers to get Vensafe, the answer came in a flash:

“Yes, I would recommend Vensafe. The benefits are numerous, not least the security and safety it brings to the staff. When we had established routines for refilling the Vensafes, we experienced higher sales, in addition to other advantages. It’s also good financially with reduced shrinkage as a bonus.”

Anna Löwström, Store Manager of ICA Supermarket Åsa
Customers choose which products they want to buy from a touch screen in the store.
Once the customer has paid, they scan their receipt in Vensafe vending machines to receive their products.
Vensafe stores high-risk products such as cigarettes and medicines safely and efficiently. With modern technology, it is easy for the store to refill goods and get a quick overview of their stock balances.