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Baltic Retail Forum 2024 Latvia

StrongPoint’s annual conference, the Baltic Retail Forum, invites all retail professionals to join us for the 18th time. Discover actionable insights and innovative strategies to thrive in an ever-evolving retail sector by registering and participating in the conference taking place in Riga, Latvia.

When? April 10, starts at 9 AM

Where? Atta Centre, Krasta street 60, Riga

In the face of unprecedented uncertainty, economic challenges, and profound shifts in consumer behavior, the retail landscape has transformed. Now, more than ever, retailers are grappling with the imperative to sustain resilience and keep pace with changing technology and consumer behaviors.

To delve deeper into the challenges facing the retail sector and find effective solutions, the upcoming Forum will explore the following areas:

Shifts in consumer behavior and their underlying motivations – an ideal shopping experience for different consumer groups and how to positively influence their buying decisions?

Automation technologies that ensure efficiency – poised to revolutionize in-store operations and enhance the overall customer experience

Harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence in retail – examining AI solutions, benefits, and transformative impact for retailers


Reserve your spot. Participation for StrongPoint customers and partners is free of charge.

Conference content and speakers

All presentations will feature simultaneous interpretation from English to Latvian and vice versa.

Dainis Gašpuitis
Economist at SEB Bank

Economic prospects and challenges

Dainis Gaspuitis is the economist at SEB Banka, where he has been working since 2007. His duties are economic research, investor relations, economic presentations and communication with the media. Prior to this, from 2000 to 2007 he was working at the International Department of the Bank of Latvia. Work experience was related to the balance of payment statistics and research, IMF issues – regional surveillance, global economy and finance and EU economic and financial policy. He holds a master’s degree in international economics, from the University of Latvia, as well as a bachelor’s degree in law. 

Eva Kieperszo
Insight and Research Manager for Latvia at KOG Institute

Consumer Compass: Navigating Retail Success from a Category Perspective

The presentation examines examples of the Latvian retail sector and its growth potential from a category perspective. The idea is based on global research on category importance in brand growth and an approach adapted from the KOG Institute of Marketing and Communication Sciences, which measures category importance against category satisfaction to determine brand growth potential. 

Nerijus Udrėnas
Director at Charity and Support Foundation „Food for Ukraine“

Charity, War and Food Retail – Novus in Kyiv

Marta Brūvere
Retailer Services Executive at NielsenIQ

Retail Landscape. Understanding the conditions that drive FMCG sales

Kjetil Velde
Sales Manager at AutoStore

Creating Efficiency in Supply Chain Operations

In the dynamic landscape of supply chain management, the pursuit of efficiency has found a powerful ally in AutoStore technology. In the realm where every second counts, AutoStore solution has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the traditional standards of supply chain operations for over 27 years. Learn where precision meets automation and discover how AutoStore is reshaping the very foundations of space and efficiency in the supply chain, ultimately allowing businesses to thrive in a competitive market.

Simon Geisman, Senior Retail Solution Consultant at Zebra Technologies,
Mitchell Goldman, COO at Edgify

The (r)evolution of Personal Shopping

Join us as we showcase the evolution of personal shopping into a revolutionary customer experience, driven by recent technological advancements that were beyond our reach just a few years ago. The mission is to reduce friction and elevate security while enhancing customer experience.

Shona Peel
Global Retail Consultant – Retail Operations and Technology Specialist at NCR VOYIX

Winning Against Shrink

Where to Start with both Technology and Data

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Hurry up and reserve your spot! Participation for StrongPoint customers and partners is free of charge.

The event will be photographed and/or filmed, so please be aware that you may be featured in photos or videos of the event, and these photos or videos may be posted on publicly available social networks or media.