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Baltic Retail Forum 2023 Estonia

StrongPoint annual conference Baltic Retail Forum invites all retail professionals to gather for the 15th time. This time meeting place is in Tallinn, Estonia.

When? April 18

Where? Kultuurikatel event centre, Tallinn

Over the past year, retailers faced challenges in the supply chain, inflation, economic uncertainty, and geo-political factors. How can retailers sustain the resiliency of the last few years to navigate the current headwinds better?

To understand the challenges better and find solutions, the conference will look into:

Economic insights from the retail market perspective and consumer behavior tendencies – what to look out for?

Automation technologies that will transform stores and future retail operations – from warehouse automatization to improving customer experience.

In the ever-changing world of retail, staying ahead of the game means embracing new technologies. But where to start?


Reserve your spot. Participation for StrongPoint customers and partners is free of charge.

Conference content and speakers

All presentations will feature simultaneous interpretation from English to Estonian and vice versa.

Mihkel Nestor
Chief economist at SEB bank

What’s going on in the economy?

The turbulent times in the economy do not seem to end. Prices are still rising, but the economy is falling. How far will we fall, and who will get hurt in the process?

Simon Geisman
Senior Retail Solution consultant at Zebra Technologies

New Research and Consumer Behaviours are Pointing Retailers to the Future

Zebra’s Global Shopper Vision Studies identify key consumer and market trends in retail, and the technology trends that are shaping the future. The changing nature of shopper behaviour is impacting retail operations. In the talk insights from Zebra‘s latest research will be revealed to explain why “manned checkouts are checking out” and how “retail associates are becoming knowledge workers.” How can retailers adopt different technologies to set themselves up for success?

Erlend Villems

Loyal consumer in recession – myth or possibility?

The presentation gives an overview of the key consumer needs and shopping habits that have changed during the high inflation period in the Baltics. It also answers the question of what roles promotions, private labels, and eco-friendly products are playing in the consumer’s mind.

Matt Homewood Bidault
CCO at Throw No More

It’s Garbage! How Food Waste is Trashing the Climate

This talk will focus on supermarket food waste and its significant impact on the climate. With 40% of all food produced is wasted, award-winning food waste campaigner Matt Homewood will uncover the global food waste farce and review the impacts. Most importantly, technological and legislative solutions will be explored so that we can forge an exit plan to start making our food system fairer, more sustainable, and more efficient.

Stefan Lindh
Head of business unit retail at K.Hartwall

Easy automated solutions to optimize Retail operations

In which ever business you are, automation is becoming a must. But automation does not have to be something expensive and complicated. At K.Hartwall, we have listened to our customers all over the world to develop simple ways to automate their operations and help them to solve their main challenges such as labor shortage, continuous increase of operational and raw material costs and higher sustainability targets. Having the right equipment such as durable & standard load carriers, electric tugger trains or agile mobile robots can easily support you being more competitive and sustainable.

Heiko Leesment
Nudging researcher, PhD student of Tallinn University and communication professional

Why we should nudge and what are the sludges?

We all agree that the freedom of choice is our basic right. But what are then the acceptable ways to influence people so they can still maintain that right? Nudging could offer one reasonable solution. Globally more popular nudging and its main principles are explained by nudging researcher Heiko Leesment from Tallinn University. He will also talk about “sludges” – it is something that makes people’s lives unpleasant and makes decision making difficult and less accurate. How we can implement the knowledge of nudging and sludges to our everyday life is explained in Heiko’s presentation.

Andrius Kalašinskas
Global director of solution consulting at StrongPoint

Retail technology innovations: a confession

• The implementation of innovations seeks to improve the existing situation – to create a better shopping experience and a more efficient store process, thus gaining a competitive advantage in the market. However, there are cases when the results do not meet expectations and innovations do not pay off. Why?

• The devil is in the details. During the presentation, we will take a look at where those details lie.

Ruediger Schach
Senior Retail Solutions Manager at NCR 

Store Evolution

A lot of new Technologies are on the near horizon. Vision Checkout, EDGE, and AI are evolving constantly. How can we adapt into a Hybrid World and ensure that the Retail Winners will be those that Define the Experience?

Kristina Ekhierta

Beyond paper: Unleashing Efficiency and Innovation with Electronic Shelf Labels

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Hurry up and reserve your spot! Participation for StrongPoint customers and partners is free of charge.

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