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Become a CashGuard Partner

StrongPoint has an extensive partner network stretching across the continents helping us provide the best technology solutions to the right customers. If you think there is a good opportunity for the company you represent and StrongPoint to make each other better, we would love to hear from you!

Discover CashGuard solutions

With CashGuard Cash Management, the cash is secured, and the cash handling process is automated at the checkout.  You get real-time control of your cash and thereby eliminate shrinkage.

Complete control

The system automatically counts every coin and banknote as it’s entered the machine. You get instant, real-time information on cash levels per checkout point, per store or even your full chain of stores.

No more theft or shrinkage

The cash is secured at the checkout, making theft and robberies impossible, which makes staff confident that they do not risk being robbed or getting accused of stealing.

Reduce costs

Manual cash handling steals several hours out of the retailers’ week to count the cash. With CashGuard, you reduce the time spent on cash handling by 50%. The store manager only collects the excess banknotes from the system in the evening and, if needed, replenishes change for the following day.
That´s it!

More hygienic

No-touch cash solutions such as CashGuard help reduce the risk of spreading infections through cash handling. It reduces the contact between food and cash and minimizes the potential for virus and bacteria contaminations.

Why Partner with StrongPoint?

If you are looking to win more customers and grow revenue, StrongPoint Partner Program and portfolio can help you. You bring experience, expertise and energy. We bring a global brand, support and technology to sell.

Explore the benefits of partnership:

Innovative solution portfolio

StrongPoint is always seeking to have the best retail technology solutions available to our clients. As a partner, you can enhance your portfolio with StrongPoint’s innovative solutions, or we can help you reach the right clients with our innovative technology.

Partner support

At StrongPoint, we aim to give you the tools to succeed as a partner and will therefore assist with marketing, sales and technical support to help us both succeed.

A wide network

With a wide network of both partners, suppliers and customers, we can work together to ensure cooperation and that we reach out to the right people with the right message.

Software, hardware, service and support

StrongPoint sells complete solutions, where we help our customers with the hardware, software and the service and support afterwards. Both a great opportunity and a great responsibility for our partners.

Some of our partners today

StrongPoint is proud to work with several leading companies in our goal to provide smart technology in every shopping experience for a smarter and better life.

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