Micro-Fulfillment centers (MFC)

As a partner of AutoStore, StrongPoint offers hyper-efficient micro-fulfilment solutions tailor-made and purpose-built for grocery retailers. Combining micro-fulfillment with StrongPoint’s best in-class Last mile and manual order picking solutions, all online grocery orders can be processed at world-class levels of efficiency.


Key Features

Hyper efficient

MFCs from Autostore are the fastest fulfilment solution per square foot.

Hyper dense

The solution also utilizes the space optimally and has the highest storage density of any ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system).

Tailor-made for groceries

Hyper-efficient MFC combined with StrongPoint's grocery technology solutions allow for hyper-efficient grocery order fulfilment.

Stability itself

The solution has an up-time of 99,6% thanks to quality coding, hardware and innovation. Robots are continuously self-diagnosing and reporting back to an intelligent notification system that preventively notifies if a unit needs care.

Energy conserving

The robots used in the MFC requires extremely little energy. In fact, 10 robots use the same amount of energy as 1 vacuum cleaner. Smart innovations and avoiding unnecessary drains on energy consumption, such as light and heating, are key.

Smooth system integration

The solution has been connected to hundreds of different warehouse management systems around the world with ready-made APIs.

The only grocery focused AutoStore partner

StrongPoint is the only grocery-focused AutoStore-partner, with a full suit of complementary solutions to your AutoStore micro fulfillment center. We have been working with grocery e-commerce for 20 years (!) and can help support all the functions in the order fulfillment process which will give you the most out of your MFC. That includes last mile solutions, packaging and waste solutions, ways to handle frozen and bulky items, and more.

We offer free workshops to help plan your MFC and complete storage/e-commerce operation. Click on the button below to register your interest and we will get back to you to book a workshop as soon as possible.




How it works

The MFC solution comprises of several components to make it work as efficiently as possible. Here you can read more about each one.


The Grid

The aluminum grid is what holds everything together. This is the infrastructure for bin placement and the rails which the robots use to maneuver around and find the rights bins with the right products. The size and shape of the grid is restricted only by the warehouse itself and can expand in all directions.

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The Bins

The bins are the containers for your products. The bins used in our solution are a strong construction made from a durable material. With gentle robot handling they can last an unbelievable long time. Every bin is marked with a unique number that is stored in a database and printed on the label of the bin. The bins are available in different heights and materials, you can even divide a bin into different compartments in order to store different products in the same bin.

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The Robots

The robots are the actual workers of the system. They race back and forth along the grid and collects the products you need. They work around the clock and are charged automatically every time they brake or lower a bin. When more charging is necessay, the robots to this themselves at the right time to avoid excessive charging. This results in a healthy battery and the robots have been working tirelessly for over 15 years. The robots diagnose themselves every second and will report the smallest inconsistency of their data. Should a robot get called to the service mezzanine, it will automatically be replaced by another robot.

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The Manual picking

When using an MFC for groceries, you are bound to meet some obstacles for certain products which will need to be picked manually. For example, frozen foods, oversized items and some fruits and vegetables. These often account for 15-30% of an online order. Fortunately, this part of the fulfillment process can optimized using StrongPoint’s Order Picking solution which has been purpose-built for maximizing the efficiency of manual picking.

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woman manually picking groceries

MFC workstations being used

The workstations

The workstations is the area where users receive the products from the MFC. The workstation could either be one simple conveyor port, a carousel port, a swing port or be a modular workstation. The workstations are designed to be as easy as possible to use, while being ergonomically adapted with the highest user safety. Smart covering and sensors keep the operation safe for both your products and staff, as the movement and technical solution have been optimized through millions of tests. Both at AutoStore Labs and live installations.

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The Controller

The controller is the command center of the micro fulfillment center. It controls the traffic, plans and schedules tasks, logs robots and bin positions, provides access control to service personnel and much more. Perhaps most importantly, the controller is in charge of directing the movement of the robots and is continously calculating the smartest way to work.

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The last mile solutions

Combining your micro fulfillment center with world-class last mile solutions can really help you take that extra step towards efficiency and profitability. Imagine if you could place all orders in a click & collect locker just outside your MFC. The time and money saved on the last mile delivery would be incredible. StrongPoint has the expertise to tie it all together seamlessly in a full end-to-end solution.

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