Third quarter 2017 result

Odd Flatgard

October 20, 2017

Highlights third quarter

  • Operating revenues decreased overall for the Group due to the fewer major delivery projects than at the same time last year.
    • MNOK 204.8 (258.0)
  • The decrease in EBITDA is due to lower sales
    • MNOK 14.1 (36.2)
  • Cash flow from operational activities
    • MNOK – 2.2 (23.8)
  • Positive development within Click & Collect
    • Received an additional order for Click & Collect solutions in Sweden
    • The first systems to Utkonos in Moscow are shipped from the factory
  • The positive development in Spain continues
  • The start-up problems at Label’s new factory in Sweden have been resolved. The business area delivered as expected in Q3. EBITDA has doubled compared with the same period last year to MNOK 8.6.


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