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The Norwegian sports retailer Gresvig chooses StrongPoint’s Click & Collect Lockers

Published: 13. November 2019

Gresvig is in the process of rebranding their G-Sport- and G-MAX stores to Intersport. Today the first pilot store, with StrongPoint’s Click & Collect Lockers, opens at Sandvika Storsenter outside of Oslo.

– We are delighted that Gresvig has chosen our Click & Collect Lockers solution in their pilot store in Sandvika. The solution ensures a closer integration between e-commerce and traditional shopping in the stores and offers the customer a better shopping experience through increased flexibility, says Jacob Tveraabak, CEO of StrongPoint.

Over the next few months Gresvig will rebrand over 80 stores to Intersport and upgrade several of their stores at the same time. The Pilot store at Sandvika Storsenter is the first step in the rebranding process.

– The main goal for the pilot store has been to create a fantastic shopping experience for all customers that are interested in sports. The store will furthermore be used as a platform for Gresvig to test new technology and trends that will ensure that Gresvig can continue providing their customers with the shopping experience of the future. We are pleased to present StrongPoint’s Click & Collect lockers to our customers in Sandvika as part of this strategy, says Lars Kristian Lindberg, CEO of Gresvig.

The Click & Collect lockers makes it possible for the customer to do their shopping online and with pick up their goods in the store, or from the lockers both indoors and outdoors. The customer receives a code via text message (SMS), which they enter on the touch screen integrated on the lockers. Upon entering the code, the door containing the goods will open and the goods can be retrieved. The solution is fully integrated with the store’s back-office system.

– StrongPoint has upon till now delivered Click & Collect lockers mainly to the grocery retail sector, focusing on refrigerated lockers perfectly suited for groceries. This is the first real Click & Collect Locker installation for other types of goods, as clothing and sports equipment. The new Click & Collect locker that we are installing at Gresvig really opens the door to a much wider range of retailers with a diversified product assortment. We are very much looking forward to following the lockers in use at Intersport in Sandvika, says Tveraabak.

For further information, please contact:

Jacob Tveraabak, CEO StrongPoint
Phone +47 90 82 13 70

Amanda Cremon, Marketing Director, StrongPoint E-Commerce
Phone +46 709 41 67 87

About Gresvig

Gresvig was founded in 1901 and is a leading retailer of sports equipment in Norway. Gresvig operates more than 220 stores all over the country with a turnover of 4.2 billion Norwegian Krones in 2018. Half of the stores are self-owned, and the rest operate as franchises. The company is headquartered in Oslo.

About Intersport

With a turnover of 11.6 billion euro in 2018 and more than 5 500 affiliated stores in 43 countries, Intersport is the world’s leading retailer of sports equipment. Intersport has since its inception in 1968 grown to become a vertical retail organization and a global omni-channel specialist that interact with consumers in stores and online around the clock. The company is headquartered in Bern in Switzerland.