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StrongPoint’s Self-Checkouts are favoured by both retailers and customers

Published: 15. October 2018

A prominent StrongPoint home market client is the first to order 85 Self-Checkouts including the hardware and software solutions.

This is a unique order, showing customer’s trust of StrongPoint‘s Self-Checkout solution. The customer based its choice on StrongPoint’s flexibility and ability to quickly react to its most pressing needs. On top of that, the Self-Checkouts, offered by StrongPoint are of much better design than the ones currently available in the market. They are also more user-friendly, appealing, interactive and intuitive, which results in a better usability for the customer. Another important advantage for the client is that it’s easier to integrate these Checkouts with the systems, which are already in place.

Firstly, the new Self-Checkouts have been tested in a pilot installation. The customers had an opportunity to give feedback on their experience. The results were positive, with the customers expressing favourable views on the new installations. Due to this success, the retailer decided to implement 85 Self-Checkouts. StrongPoint is planning to complete the order before the end of this year. It is likely that in the future the Self-Checkouts are going to be implemented more widely across this retail chain.