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StrongPoint launches AI-powered EggSplorer solution and signs first customer 

Published: 1. April 2024

StrongPoint, a retail technology provider of in-store and egg-commerce solutions, is today launching its latest innovation: EggSplorer. 

EggSplorer provides instant product recognition of easter eggs. This makes the finding, buying and in-store order picking of Easter eggs, easier, faster and safer. The technical term for the technology is ‘product egg-ognition’ and is based on next generation AI technology known as ‘CluckAI’.  

StrongPoint’s first customer, the Easter Bunny, has been using the technology to drive efficiency savings in their Easter egg-commerce fulfillment process.  

“This is an egg-cellent solution driving essential Easter egg fulfillment efficiency. We were especially impressed with the team’s eggs-pertise and how they really carrot-bout our unique needs. As someone who often works in-store picking Easter eggs for egg-commerce orders, I was particularly impressed with the ‘pick-by-hop’ functionality,” said the Easter Bunny. 

The ‘product egg-ognition’ technology behind the EggSplorer solution is being integrated into many of StrongPoint’s in-store and egg-commerce products, many of which are being rebranded accordingly, including: 

Spillover opportunities  

The agreement with the Easter Bunny opens up doors for potential collaborations with other mythical creatures. This includes Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, both of whom are facing significant efficiency challenges in their order picking, fulfillment and last mile processes.