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IKI is expanding the network of self-checkouts in its stores

Published: 14. July 2020

IKI, part of REWE Group, has acquired a significant number of self-checkouts from StrongPoint to be installed in its stores across Lithuania. IKI, being one of the leading grocery chains in the Baltics, is seeking to offer a better shopping experience for the customers in as many stores as possible.

“We are pleased and proud of our strong partnership with IKI, that continues for many years and spans across many levels. Mutual trust and reliable collaboration lead us to the desired results and growing efficiency. Self-service solutions being our forte, we’ll make sure to deliver the best result for the convenience of both IKI customers and employees,” says Rimantas Mažulis, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at StrongPoint Baltics.

There is a growing demand for self-checkout, as well as the use of technology, therefore expanding this kind of payment takes a significant part in retailers’ strategic plans. IKI is consistently investing in self-service technology, therefore the equipment acquisition of such scale is not the first one during recent years. Moreover, IKI was the first retailer to introduce self-checkouts in the Baltics over a decade ago with the help of StrongPoint.

The pandemic has once more proven the importance of self-service when seeking to ensure the safety of store employees and customers. Self-checkouts not only allow the customers to perform all checkout operations at their own pace but also help to ensure social distancing and avoid direct contact with other people, both employees and other customers. Meanwhile, store employees can dedicate their time to other important tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the store.

“We are constantly striving to offer the best service for our customers every day. Our priority is to ensure them an opportunity to choose from a wide range of fresh and high-quality foods and products and a convenient payment for their purchase. Therefore, this year, we’ll continue to invest in expanding self-service checkouts in our stores, as more and more customers prefer this method of payment,“ says Lina Muižienė, Executive Director at IKI.