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Secrets revealed at EuroShop

Published: 23. February 2017

EuroShop is getting closer and we are ready with five new solutions. Come to our stand and learn how they can transform your business. Find us at stand 6i34.


New payment solution will be revealed at EuroShop

StrongPoint will reveal its customer-facing payment solution at EuroShop. It is especially designed for convenience stores, speciality stores and pharmacies. Customers pay with both banknotes and coins so the staff never have to touch the cash.


Learn how to make online shopping profitable

StrongPoint will introduce its new Click & Collect solution to the European market at EuroShop. This solution makes online shopping profitable for retailers and adds extra convenience to the shoppers. Customers order online and pick up their orders without having to enter the store. Come and experience Click & Collect for yourself in our booth.


StrongPoint launches new self-checkout solution

Come and experience a new self-check-out solution at EuroShop. StrongPoint’s self-checkout solution is more intuitive and more user-friendly than others on the market. This solution continues StrongPoint’s long tradition of improving the efficiency in the checkout area.


StrongPoint reveals new Select & Collect selling concept

Come to EuroShop and experience Select&Collect – a new way of selling tobacco and premium-priced products. StrongPoint’s Select & Collect solution makes it easy for you to comply with tobacco regulations and eliminate theft of highly valuable products. This Select & Collect solution gives you better inventory control while boosting sales.


Take control of your store systems with the new StrongPoint Retail Suite

It is now possible to control and monitor several store technologies from a single point, at the same time. StrongPoint’s Retail Suite makes this happen. Come to StrongPoint’s booth at EuroShop and see how this new technology can simplify your store operations.