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Pricer & StrongPoint launch electronic shelf labels in 4 different colours

Published: 8. May 2023

StrongPoint can now offer you Pricer SmartTag Color, a new generation of Pricer labels that can display graphics in yellow, red, black, and white. The high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors allow for a more powerful communication for the stores’ customers.

Pricer has now launched the most stylish, clear, and effective electronic shelf edge label ever. A new generation of displays and digital shelf labels that engage and communicate thanks to high-resolution graphics and four colors. Pricer’s unique and scalable infrastructure means longer battery life and higher capacity for changes and updates. The flash technology makes the electronic shelf edge labels and displays the most functional and durable on the market.

Electronic price labels with fantastic colors, perfect graphics, and superior battery life

The new ESLs come in a range of sizes (just like previous models) which the store can choose based on placement, product group, and purpose of exposure in the store. The labels attract attention and allow for creative content with high contrast and brightness. With vibrant colors and high resolution, they help increase engagement for campaigns and messages in the store. The colours can be used to highlight discounts, run ads and generally improve the design in the store. The paper-like label is readable from a nearly 180 degrees viewing angle – perfect for customized communication in the store.

Pick-by-light simplifies store work

The new generation of digital shelf labels can blink with four different intensities and in seven different colors. In this way, different types of blinking can help and guide store staff in different work tasks such as order picking, product replenishment and campaign management.

Do you already have Pricer in your store?

For stores that already have Pricer, there is every opportunity to complement the store with new colorful labels to enhance store communication. The new ESLs are compatible with SmartTag HD, SmartTag Power, and Power+, and can therefore be used to add additional capacity for communication and campaigns in existing installations.

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