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Pick-by-light significantly speeds up order picking

Published: 27. November 2018

In order to ensure online customers get their orders on time, retailers are always looking for solutions that would help them to optimize the picking process. They spend a lot of their resources on picking the items in local or dark stores. A new pick-by-light technology is increasingly spreading among large and small e-commerce operations. To offer retailers higher picking speed and accuracy, StrongPoint enhanced E-commerce Logistics Suite by Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) with blink functionality.

How it works

The pick-by-light function is both simple and effective. When the products are labelled with ESL, the picker can easily notice the blinking label light above or below the item that needs to be picked. As soon as that item is picked, the light goes off and the next item’s ESL starts to blink. The picking light is visible even from a distance. It alerts the picker and allows to find the items faster. A mobile device displays the order information, including item quantities and descriptions. It leaves the picker’s hands free to collect the items.

Test results confirm the productivity rates increase around 15-30% when using blinking functionality (as opposed to picking done without pick-by-light). Due to its offered benefits, the E-commerce Logistics Suite pick-by-light function is on demand by many retailers. The first store to go live with this functionality is a Cash & Carry type Axfood Snabbgross store in Årsta, South of Stockholm area. After an evaluation period of 6-7 months, a decision will be made about further installations.

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