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Norway’s first automated pickup station for groceries at Meny, Strømmen Shopping Center

Published: 15. October 2018

StrongPoint introduces a more cost-effective way to deliver groceries online, both for stores and their customers. And the first grocery chain in Norway, MENY Strømmen, has installed an automated pickup station at Strømmen Shopping Center.

“Online shopping must be as easy as possible for our customers. With this solution, they can easily pick up their pre-packed groceries, either when they pass by or after finishing shopping for other goods at the mall”, says Knut Nyløkken, E-Commerce Manager at MENY.

Here’s how the solution works:

• Customer orders groceries online and pays for them
• MENY places an order in temperature-divided zones in the pickup station locker.
• The pickup station is conveniently located at MENY’s parking lot at the Shopping Centre.
• The pickup station meets the highest requirements for storing food. Each purchase is stored in its own safe zone, which no one else has access to.
• The customer receives a PIN code on his phone and enters it on the screen at the pickup station. This opens the locker door where the goods are located.
• Monitoring and logging of the door locks ensures safe storage of the groceries.
• The pickup station can be used outdoors and indoors in temperatures between -25 and + 35 ° C.

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