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Helping to move retailers into a brighter future

Published: 7. November 2019

European Business Printmagazine

Interview with Jacob Tveraabak, CEO of StrongPoint

The world of retail has seen dramatic shifts over the last ten years. These changes have forced retailers that seemed too big to fail to declare bankruptcy, close a large number of their stores or even go permanently out of business. Clothing stores, shoe stores, sporting goods shops, grocery chains and more have all had to deal with the rise of
e-commerce and what that means for their bottom lines. StrongPoint, a conglomerate based in Norway, helps its retail clients innovate through various technological solutions and advice from its expert consultants. With StrongPoint’s help, retailers can step bravely into the future.

“Our goal is a better operation for the store, which helps to enhance the customer experience, rather than just selling Technology”.

Jacob Tveraabak, CEO StrongPoint