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Grocery retailer Alphamega orders 37 MNOK of Electronic Shelf Labels from StrongPoint  

Published: 30. May 2024

StrongPoint has signed an agreement with the Cyprus-based grocery retailer Alphamega to install Electronic Shelf Labels in all its stores. The value of the contract is approximately 37 MNOK and the rollout is expected to be spread out over the next 2 years. 

Alphamega is the largest grocery retailer in Cyprus and has already purchased and integrated StrongPoint’s Order Picking, Grocery Lockers, and Delivery Manager software to manage e-commerce orders. Electronic Shelf Labels is Alphamega’s fourth solution purchased from StrongPoint. 

On average, in Sweden, Norway, and the Baltics, StrongPoint’s top 10 customers use 4.7 solutions. Grocery retailer Alphamega is now close to this average too. The growth of the solution base for this customer underlines StrongPoint’s business model to expand customer engagement and act as a trusted advisor, deepening the trust and relationship. 

We are extremely proud that Alphamega has chosen StrongPoint as its sole Electronic Shelf Label partner, and we are looking forward to the installation. What sets StrongPoint apart is the breadth of our solution portfolio, allowing a customer like Alphamega to grow and use a single partner to provide a wide variety of business-critical technologies,” said Jacob Tveraabak, CEO of StrongPoint.  

The Electronic Shelf Labels are sourced from Pricer, StrongPoint’s long-standing partner, and rollout of the project is expected to begin in 2024 and be completed by 2026.