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First self-scanning system introduced by StrongPoint in Lithuania at Maxima

Published: 14. February 2019

Maxima, the biggest grocery retail chain in the Baltics, is the first to introduce the self-scanning system – an innovative shopping method. The self-scanning technology was brought to Lithuania by StrongPoint. The company also ensured the smooth implementation of the first installation.

The process of shopping via self-scanning is extremely convenient and easy for customer – he scans the items with dedicated mobile scanner at the store and packs the products into bags. All there is left is to pay for the purchases at the checkout zone – no need to unpack, scan and pack the items again. Over 100 Zebra’s personal shoppers PS20 were installed at the first Maxima store, which uses the software of StrongPoint partner Datema Retail.

Before they start shopping, customers are identified with their loyalty card.  They can instantly enjoy the benefits of the solution:  no need for packing and unpacking, avoiding the queues, saving time and planning the shopping process in a more efficient way. Meanwhile, the retailer is able to increase the productivity of store staff, save costs by reducing the need of personnel at manned checkouts and communicate with the customer via new channel.

The shoppers at Maxima store already use the innovation and it will be soon introduced at more locations.

“The value of the self-scanning is already appreciated by Estonian shoppers and retailers – here technology has been used for several years. The solution is popular not only among shoppers, but also retailers, who keep on expanding the use of self-scanning system by introducing it at more stores. Therefore, we trust that solution soon becomes popular among Lithuanian shoppers,” says Rimantas Mažulis, SVP at StrongPoint Baltics.