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First order for Click & Collect pickup stations in the Baltics

Published: 5. March 2018

StrongPoint in Estonia has previously received an order from COOP Estonia for Cub E-commerce Suite. In the second quarter 6 Click & Collect pickup stations extended this order.

The pickup station will enable Coop to offer a wider range of delivery options for their customers. In the meantime, the E-commerce Suite will ensure an efficient in-store picking.

Coop Estonia was established in 1902 and is the biggest grocery food chain in Estonia with 350 stores and 5000 employees.

The StrongPoint Cub E-commerce platform contains several modules. The Pick & Collect module enables store employees to pick several orders simultaneously while walking the aisles. Other modules, such as DeliveryManager, QueueManager and RouteManager are also parts of the E-commerce suite. StrongPoint’s self-service pickup stations are of modular size. The most common is 39 configurable rooms for frozen, chilled and ambient products. All kinds of groceries may be stored at right temperatures until pickup. The locker locations can be indoor and outdoor – up to 25 degrees below zero.

StrongPoint successfully developed both the Click & Collect pickup station and the E-commerce suite and is currently receiving great interest from retailers worldwide.

“The market for groceries is currently experiencing a period of great change. The shopping and customer experience becomes more and more digital, both in-store and online, which leads to a strong E-commerce growth in grocery in Europe. Effective picking, collecting and delivery of groceries based on online shopping is the key to the future of E-commerce for grocery chains, and for StrongPoint’s success,” says Jørgen Waaler, CEO at StrongPoint.