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Alphamega hypermarket chain choose StrongPoint to provide E-commerce logistics

Published: 30. April 2020

Cypriot hypermarket chain Alphamega goes all in to become the leader of E-commerce grocery in Cyprus. StrongPoint’s E-Commerce Logistics Suite with Pick & Collect and Last Mile Solutions will accelerate their ambitions.

“We are thrilled that market leader Alphamega has chosen us as the preferred supplier of E-Commerce solution when implementing their brand new online shopping service in Cyprus. With our solution, their customers will experience greater flexibility in pick-up times, and the picking process is made quicker and easier for each store. Combined with our Last Mile services, Alphamega will get a full-fledged solution from picking to delivery.” says Jacob Tveraabak, CEO of StrongPoint.

Alphamega is the largest and fastest growing Cypriot hypermarket chain, with 16 stores and 1700 employees to-date. They offer ultra-modern, spacious hypermarkets with an abundance of quality products at a wide price range. 

Commenting on the collaboration, George Theodotou, CEO of Alphamega Hypermarkets, said: “We are excited to embark on our online journey with StrongPoint, perhaps the top company in its field worldwide, by our side. StrongPoint’s state of the art technology will enable us to remain true to our customer-centric mentality and sustain our quality shopping experience, ensuring we meet our online customer’s demands. Regardless of the channel, customer satisfaction remains our top priority”.

The timing for Alphamega’s investment in StrongPoint’s E-Commerce Logistics Suite is precise. Tveraabak points out how covid-19 has increased the relevance of online shopping and flexible delivery services: “The current situation is the ultimate proof of the many benefits of E-commerce solutions. Considering contactless solutions is on everyone’s mind, there has never been a better time to implement services to eliminate physical contact when buying groceries”.

Today’s customers expect retailers to have an omnichannel approach to online shopping. They demand flexibility and options while getting real-time updates on their orders. StrongPoint’s Last Mile solutions increase the efficiency of delivery processes by optimizing the routing of orders or via efficient in-store pickup solutions such as Click & Collect Lockers. Key account manager Kristofer Browall at StrongPoint is looking forward to implementing the E-Commerce solutions for Alphamega.

“We will support Alphamega in creating the best possible omnichannel experience when shopping for groceries online. Their store network, forward-thinking management and tier-one brand will be a great platform to create the perfect consumer offering,” says Browall.


About Alphamega

With 1,700 employees and 16 stores throughout the country, Alphamega Hypermarkets is the largest retailer in Cyprus. The company has been rapidly growing since its first store opened in 1997 and has earned a strong reputation for stocking the finest and most varied selection of local and imported international products. Alphamega Hypermarkets was recognised as “Company of the Year” by local retail experts in 2019 and has received numerous other local awards for shop layout and in-store shopping experience, as well as for digital marketing activities and technological innovation. Demonstrating outstanding achievements in technological innovation, the company has been honoured internationally with the 2019 CIO 100 Award, along with another 100 worldwide leaders in business innovation.

About StrongPoint |

StrongPoint is driving productivity for European retailers by providing innovative, integrated technology solutions for multi-channel retailing based on long-standing relationships with customers and partners. StrongPoint is also a leader in IBNS solutions for Cash-In-Transit (Cash Security), and Labels for customers in Norway and Sweden. StrongPoint offers best-in-class service and consultancy expertise through its team of 519 employees in Norway, Sweden, the Baltics, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Russia. StrongPoint is headquartered in Rælingen, Norway, and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange


For further information, please contact:

Jacob Tveraabak, CEO StrongPoint
Phone +47 90 82 13 70

Amanda Cremon, Marketing Director, StrongPoint E-Commerce
Phone +46 709 41 67 87